The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door

Choosing a purple front door is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add some vibrant style and personality to their home. The addition of a purple front door will allow a homeowner to express their individuality and stand out in the neighborhood. Plus, purple front doors create a welcoming and energetic atmosphere. Whether you choose a deep aubergine, a majestic plum, or an energetic violet, a purple front door serves as an emblem of self-expression while allowing you to take advantage of the positive qualities of this extraordinary color.

Qualities of a Purple Front Door

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door

Purple front doors have numerous qualities which make them a viable choice for homes of many styles.

  • Boldness – Purple is not among the traditional front door color choices, so it can convey a bold and individual character.
  • Creativity – One particular purple front door meaning symbolizes the creativity and imagination of the homeowner. This can signify their artistic personality and willingness to think outside the box.
  • Uniqueness – A purple front door can make your home stand out in the neighborhood because of its distinctive and unique hue.
  • Energy and Vitality – Certain purple hues are energetic and vibrant. They can give your home a welcoming and inviting presence.
  • Elegance – Depending on the shade, purple can exude elegance and sophistication. These shades include darker shades of purple often shaded with gray that tones down the saturation.
  • Balance – Purple is a combination of red and blue. These contrasting colors represent both passion and serenity. Purple blends these colors into a pleasing balanced shade.
  • Spirituality – In many cultures around the world, purple is associated with spirituality, introspection, and meditation. A purple front door can be a reminder to slow down and take a moment for self-reflection.

Steps for Choosing a Shade for Your Purple Front Door

Adding a purple front door to your home can be an exciting and inspiring project. Consider these tips to learn how to incorporate a purple front door into your existing home design.

  1. Visualize and research – Take time to picture what look you want for your home and consider the shades of purple that you like. This might include researching your home style and looking at pictures of homes with purple doors that resonate with you. Consider your home’s existing color palette to choose a purple shade that works well with it. Choose a purple hue with warm undertones if your home’s exterior has warm undertones. Likewise, choose a purple with cool undertones if your home’s existing palette is cool.
  2. Consider the mood – Consider a shade of purple that best aligns with the style of your home and with the mood you want to create. Lighter purple shades like lavender and lilac give your home a whimsical and romantic look. Deep purple shades like eggplant can give your home a refined look.
  3. Test the purple color – The look of purple paint colors will vary according to the light exposure of your front door. Be sure to test the color in an area near your front door, so that you ensure you like the color throughout the day.
  4. Consider complementary colors – You do not have to redo your entire exterior color palette to add complementary colors to your purple front door. Consider adding some decor on your front porch that works with the purple front door or front porch plants. Earthy shades like ochre and neutrals are stunning with warm purples. Blues look gorgeous with cool purple shades.

Shades of Purple

There are numerous shades of purple ranging from delicate to deep. Knowing the names and nuances of these shades can help you find the ideal one for your front door.

  • Lavender – A light purple shade with touches of blue and gray.
  • Lilac – A light purple shade with a hint of pink.
  • Violet – A deep purple shade with strong blue undertones.
  • Mauve – A muted or dusty shade of purple with pink and gray undertones.
  • Plum – A rich purple shade with pink and brown undertones.
  • Aubergine – A dark purple color with brown undertones.
  • Amethyst – A vivid and intense shade of purple with balanced cool and warm undertones.
  • Magenta – A bold and vivid purple with rich pink undertones.

Best Purple Paint Colors for Front Doors

Best Purple Paint Colors for Front Doors

Here are some purple paint choices for front doors ranging from light to dark, with cool and warm undertone options.

After the Rain (1452) from Benjamin Moore

After the Rain is a delicate purple with slight warm undertones and significant gray shading. It has an LRV of 49.

Calluna (No. 270) from Farrow & Ball

Calluna is a soft lilac shade. It has a touch of pink but with some black shading to keep it cool.

Gris Morado (9156) from Sherwin Williams

Gris Morado is a balanced light to medium lavender shade. It has an LRV of 26.

Soulmate (6270) from Sherwin Williams

Soulmate is a mid-toned mauve with warm undertones and significant gray shading.

Caponata (AF-650) from Benjamin Moore

Caponata is a rich mixture of purple and chocolate brown. It has an LRV of 6.

Pelt (No. 254) from Farrow & Ball

Pelt is a deep purple with cool undertones. This color may appear warmer in certain light exposures. It can also look black in darker areas.

Purple Front Door Design Ideas

See how others have used a purple front door to give their home a unique style.

Lavender Front Door

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door
Kelli Webber – Designer

This designer used a light purple shade with cool undertones to add some whimsy to this traditional home exterior.

Plum Purple Front Door

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door
Western Sun Homes

This contemporary entry is highlighted by the horizontal natural wood siding and the plum-purple front door.

Purple Door with Complementary Colors

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door
Barrett Studio Architects

Use color theory to find complementary colors to emphasize your purple front door.

Dark Purple Front Door

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door
Robertson Lindsay Interiors

A deep purple, like aubergine, is an excellent color for striking a balance between traditional and contemporary.

Bold Purple Front Door

The Unique Charm of a Purple Front Door

Even the sun-washed exteriors of Mediterranean-style houses can benefit from an eye-catching purple front door.