Colors That Go With Blue: 20 Combinations for a Pop of Color

Choosing the right colors that go with blue enhances your interior design aesthetics. Blue is calming and creates a serene ambiance when paired with complementary colors. These 20 color combinations add a pop of color to any interior space.

1. Navy Blue and White

Navy Blue and White
Laura Medicus Interiors

Navy blue offers a stunning contrast when paired with white. The kitchen design by Laura Medicus Interiors features navy blue base cabinets, offering an anchor to the space.

The white countertop and backsplash add a sleek, modern touch to the design. The silver oven complements the navy blue and white palette by adding a metallic shine.

2. Sky Blue and Lemon Yellow

Sky Blue and Lemon Yellow
Clean Design

The cheerful color combination adds a pop of color to this bedroom space. The sky blue wallpaper and blue checked carpet offer a backdrop to the lemon-yellow accents.

The design includes two lemon-yellow pendant lights for a burst of colors against the soft blue background. The lemon-yellow pillows and bedspread provide a subtle yet impactful contrast.

3. Electric Blue and Lime Green

Electric Blue and Lime Green

The electric blue sofas are a notable focal point in this contemporary living space. The lime green accents complement the shade of blue by adding vibrancy to the design.

The section of the wall and the pillar painted in lime green also create a dramatic accent. Adding lime green houseplants provides a natural finish.

4. Baby Blue and Peach

Baby Blue and Peach
Summer Thornton Design

Baby blue and peach is a playful and whimsical color combination. Two seating options have a peach fabric, adding a casual touch.

The walls are painted baby blue to create a soothing backdrop for the bright and bold accents. The colorful wall art adds a personal and expressive touch to the space.

5. Royal Blue and Mustard Yellow

Royal Blue and Mustard Yellow

The fusion of royal blue and mustard yellow creates a unique aesthetic in this living space. It demonstrates the integration of these two hues.

The mustard yellow sofa has a rich and warm tone, while its plush cushions create a sense of coziness. Using royal blue paint on the wall contrasts with the vivid sofa.

6. Teal Blue and Coral

Teal Blue and Coral
Summer Thornton Design

Teal blue and coral merge with a touch of vibrancy. A stunning coral sofa is the central focus of the living space. The sofa’s cushions invite you to unwind in style.

A furry white carpet graces the floor to add texture to the design, providing a soft feel underfoot. Its pristine white contrast with vibrant coral and teal blue.

7. Powder Blue and Light Gray

Powder Blue and Light Gray
Martha O’Hara Interiors

The bedroom showcases two light gray twin armchairs to create a cozy seating area. In the center of the space, the round ottoman adds a touch of elegance.

The light gray king-size bed exudes comfort while complementing the wall-to-wall carpet. The walls are adorned in a soothing powder blue for a calming ambiance.

8. Turquoise Blue and Tan

Turquoise Blue and Tan
Westlake Development Group

The shared girl’s room features an aqua-blue loft bunk bed with a built-in staircase and storage drawers. Its multi-colored bedding reflects a sense of youthful energy.

The tan wall-to-wall carpeting adds to the room’s comfort and style. Blending turquoise, blue, and tan creates a balance between style, a youthful spirit, and functionality.

9. Midnight Blue and Blush Pink

Midnight Blue and Blush Pink
K Co Living

The color combination embraces the current trend of using bold and vibrant colors. Midnight blue and bluish-pink colors make an interior design more vivid. The midnight blue sectional, alongside its assortments of pillows, enlivens the space.

10. Denim Blue and Cream

Denim Blue and Cream
Exquisite Kitchen Design

The denim blue ottoman and cream sofas make the living room feel serene. Flanking the fireplace, blue-gray built-in shelves add a subtle touch of color. The ottoman’s denim blue coordinates well with the color scheme.

11. Steel Blue and Charcoal Gray

Steel Blue and Charcoal Gray
John Lewis & Partners

The living space features a harmonious blend of steel blue and charcoal gray as the dominant colors. There’s also a focus on textures and accessories to liven up the atmosphere. The floor is shiny glossy white, contrasting the darker tones on the walls.

12. Cobalt Blue and Marigold

Cobalt Blue and Marigold
Meriwether Design Group

The interior design highlights the vibrant combination of cobalt blue and marigold colors. A cream armchair alongside the sofa offers a neutral element to the energetic blue.

The three-seater sofa draws the eye with its bold cobalt blue fabric. Adorning the fabric are marigold throw pillows which infuse the space with color.

13. Navy and Olive Green

Navy and Olive Green
Via San Vito

The color choice on the walls is a neutral backdrop, allowing other design elements to stand out. The sofa’s unique olive-green hue evokes a sense of connection with nature. Behind the couch, a painting with a navy tone establishes a cohesive color scheme.

14. Robin’s Egg Blue and Light Brown

Robin's Egg Blue and Light Brown
Jute Interior Design

This playroom demonstrates a striking combination of Robin’s egg blue and light brown. Using a brown fabric on furniture harmonizes with the blue and brown striped walls. The deeper blue shade creates a calming effect on the space.

15. Watery Blue and Sandy Beige

Watery Blue and Sandy Beige
House of L

The watery blue wall serves as the bedroom’s focal point. The carpet and upholstered headboard complements the deeper-toned walls and has a sandy beige finish. The scalloped drum chandelier elevates the space while adding visual interest.

16. Slate Blue and Beige

Slate Blue and Beige
Julia Ryan

Slate blue and beige offer a range of visual benefits. The large curved beige sofa is the focal point of the living space.

Beige is an understated tone that’s a foundation for the color scheme. Using slate blue creates a bold contrast against the beige tones.

17. Light Blue and Terracotta

Light Blue and Terracotta

The living space features African-themed decor. The dominant color is the terracotta fabric on the sofa, pillows, and bean bag.

Light blue throw pillows complement the design. This color scheme and the accent piece on the wall enhance the African theme.

18. Cornflower Blue and Camel

Cornflower Blue and Camel
JML Interior Design

The dominant colors in this sunroom are cornflower blue and camel. The cornflower blue on the ottoman and sofa reflects the clear skies on a sunny day. Pristine white walls, window frames, and French doors serve as a canvas for vibrant colors.

19. Blue and Silver

Blue and Silver
vanette silas

This image focuses on the stylish center console and flower vases, both adorned in silver blue. These silver elements stand out as sleek and reflective accents. The blue wall art adds a calming vibe while contrasting the silver.

20. Azure Blue and Champagne

Azure Blue and Champagne
DKOR Interiors Inc

The bedroom’s color palette revolves around azure blue and champagne, creating a luxurious ambiance. Champagne, as a hue, exudes a sense of sophistication and warmth.

It’s a neutral base that complements the azure blue. The azure blue curtain sheers allow diffused light to enter the room, creating a dreamy atmosphere.