Colors That Go With Purple: 25 Harmonious Combinations

Purple is a blend of red and blue. It has a cool undertone and pairs well with other cool-toned colors, neutrals, and pops of yellow. Purple can look regal or soft and feminine, depending on how you style it.

Colors That Go With Purple

Colors That Go With Purple (2023)

Here are 20 colors that go with purple, from classic to contemporary pairings.

1. Plum, Black, and White

Plum, Black, and White
Christina Wedge

Plum purple complements the stark black-and-white palette of this bedroom, adding depth to the design. Even though purple is a small part of this space, its impact is big, making it feel like the dominant color.

2. Warm Gray and Purple

Warm Gray and Purple

Purple, dark gray, and white combine for a modern living room with a touch of femininity. The purple accent chairs match the wall color behind the shelves for a cohesive look.

3. Purple and Cream

Purple and Cream
Design Connection

Purple’s vibrant look complements cream’s warm and soft tones, creating a balanced design. This bathroom’s purple glass mosaic tile backsplash brings color to the design, and the hand towels tie the color scheme together.

4. Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue
Pratt & Lambert Paints

Combining blue and purple in interior design creates a bold and striking look. Use this color palette if you’re after a regal look fit for royalty.

5. Lavender and White

Lavender and White
Denise McGaha

Purple is a rarely used cabinetry color that can lend a soft look to a kitchen. Designer Denise McGaha, used a combination of light and dark purples for a modern, romantic style.

6. Lilac and Mint Green

Lilac and Mint Green
Ansley Interiors

Refreshing mint green walls serve as a perfect backdrop for lilac accents in this girls’ bedroom. Mint green is a popular color for teens and tweens, giving the purple a more grown-up look.

7. Deep Purple and Gold

Deep Purple and Gold
Rasmus Blaesbjerg

Using gold with the deep purple accent wall exudes luxury and warmth. White bedding creates a crisp and clean look, allowing the gold mirror and purple accent wall to stand out.

8. Violet and Yellow

Violet and Yellow

As purple’s complementary color on the color wheel, yellow works well with most purple shades. The bold color combination creates a playful and energetic feel, with gold accents adding elegance. The use of black on one end of the room serves as a dramatic backdrop to the vibrant color scheme.

9. Amethyst and Emerald Green

Amethyst and Emerald Green

Jewel hues like emerald green go well with purple when creating a boho-style interior. Tall indoor plants provide a natural, earthy feel that enhances the boho aesthetic.

10. Eggplant and Aqua

Eggplant and Aqua
Brass Hill Design

In this eclectic design, eggplant walls provide a luxurious backdrop while lighter shades of aqua brighten the space. The floor carpet adds texture without overwhelming the room with its pattern.

11. Royal Purple and Coral

Royal Purple and Coral
Molly Culver

A coral sitting area makes a stunning focal point in a room with a royal purple theme. The glass table brings a modern touch to the room while allowing the coral carpet to stand out. Decorating with books adds personality to the design.

12. Mauve and Sage Green

Mauve and Sage Green

Maintaining a seamless transition is vital when pairing purple with other colors. This space’s twin sage-patterned armchairs seamlessly transition between the walls and the mauve sofa. Sage green’s soft and muted tones complement mauve, creating a harmonious design.

13. Orchid and Tangerine

Orchid and Tangerine
EKB Interiors

Orchid purple and tangerine orange pair for a cheerful design. The massive painting is the room’s focal point, artistically blending the two colors. Green accents balance the bright and bold colors and bring nature to the space.

14. Purple and Soft Peach

Purple and Soft Peach
Thom Filicia Inc.

Purple and peach color schemes are stimulating but prove intimidating to some homeowners. Adding white to the color combination breaks the contrast without detracting from the room’s design.

15. Heather, Gray, and Mustard Yellow

Heather, Gray, and Mustard Yellow
Kate Bendewald

Heather walls are a soft, subtle background for warm colors such as mustard yellow. The light gray carpet creates a neutral foundation for the furniture in a classy and chic way. Yellow is purple’s complementary color and these homeowners used yellow chair for a bold accent.

16. Lavender and Champagne

Lavender and Champagne
Decor Pad

Lavender and champagne colors are ideal for adding a touch of subtle luxury to a design. The key is to stick with lighter hues for a contemporary aesthetic. Wallpaper with vertical lines interchanging both colors is a stunning addition to any room.

17. Magenta and Light Maroon

Magenta and Light Maroon
Lonny Magazine

Magenta and light maroon make for a monochromatic color scheme. The design features light maroon as the wall paint color and center table fabric, with magenta on the sofa. 

18. Magenta and Turquoise

Magenta and Turquoise
Julie Dasher

Designed by Julie Dasher, this living room has a few subtle pops of color to liven up the space. One of the standout design elements is the use of magenta-colored throw pillows. 

19. Wisteria and Olive Green

Wisteria and Olive Green
Lucie Annabel

Wisteria and green offer a calming effect suitable for a bedroom design. As a calming color combination, this pair works well for vintage, true farmhouse, and maximalist-inspired interior design.

20. Purple and Navy

Purple and Navy
Livette’s Wallpaper

Navy and purple are both thought of as ‘royal’ colors, providing a sense of luxury to a space. The designer of this room layered in many textures and patterns for visual interest.

21. Grape and Burnt Orange

Grape and Burnt Orange

Grape and orange contrast each other, making them a perfect pairing for bold designs. In this room, the orange sofa provides a punch of color, and the purple throw pillows help bring the color scheme together.

22. Purple and Taupe

Purple and Taupe
Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The bedroom’s rich color palette and thoughtful design exude refinement. Using Sherwin Williams Temperate Taupe on the walls provides an inviting base for the purple in the room.

23. Thistle and Blush Pink

Thistle and Blush Pink
Cara Woodhouse Interiors

The kid’s bedroom design by Cara Woodhouse Interiors is perfect for young girls. The blue, pink, and purple work well together, creating a fun space.

24. Magenta and Lime Green

Magenta and Lime Green
Curated Nest

Magenta and lime green create contrast without being overwhelming. The wall color and carpet tie the two shades together for a seamless look.

25. Light Purple and Beige

Light Purple and Beige
Oakeve Interiors

Combine light purple and beige for a contemporary design. Add interest through different textures in your rugs, furniture, and wallpaper.