20 Off-White Paint Colors for a Stylish Interior

Off-white is one of the most popular paint colors for interior and exterior projects. It can have cool, warm, or neutral undertones, making each paint color look slightly different. 

Off-White Paint Colors to Try Yourself

Off-White Paint Colors to Try Yourself

1. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster SW 7008 is one of the most popular paint colors. Type ‘Alabaster’ into Instagram’s search bar, and you’ll see thousands of rooms painted in this warm shade of white. It gives walls a bright feel without leaving them looking sterile. 

2. Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove’s is a warm white with a classic look. Pair it with greige, reds, or browns for an earthy feel. You can also contrast it with darker colors, like charcoal.

3. Behr Swiss Coffee

The off-white shade has no pink, yellow, blue, or green undertones, making it a neutral option. Behr Swiss Coffee pairs with all colors, warm and cool-toned.

4. Farrow & Ball Pointing

Pointing is a warm white with red undertones. The paint color complements pure whites, adding depth to a design. Pointing also pairs with bright colors like blue, green, and red.

5. Dunn Edwards Whisper

Whisper is a bright, warm white color ideal for walls and trim. It has a pink undertone and looks good with other shades of pink and red.

6. Valspar Cozy White

Valspar Cozy White is a warm shade of white and one of Valspar’s 2023 colors of the year. Pair it with blues, browns, and beiges.

7. Sherwin-Williams Snowbound

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound is an excellent white paint color with a slight gray undertone. It pairs well with gray-inspired colors, creating a serene aesthetic.

8. Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White (OC-117) is one of Behr’s top paint colors. It’s a crisp off-white paint that works as a ceiling, wall, or exterior color.

9. Behr Polar Bear

Behr’s Polar Bear is a bright, clean white with no undertones or shading. It’s a balanced white that’s neither warm nor cool. Polar Bear pairs well with charcoal grays and black metalwork in the kitchen.

10. Farrow & Ball All White

Farrow & Ball’s All White paint color is part of its contemporary neutrals collection. It features a neutral undertone, allowing it to complement any color scheme.

11. Dunn Edwards Warm White

Warm White (DEW380) is a white paint color inspired by the bright California landscape. It offers an air base for any color palette, suitable for cabinetry and trim work.

12. Valspar Ivory Lace

Ivory Lace (7003-6) by Valspar has warm undertones but is neutral enough to coordinate with cool and warm paint colors. Use it as a wall color anywhere in your home.

13. Sherwin-Williams Natural Choice

Sherwin-Williams Natural Choice (SW 7011) is a cream color with a cool undertone. It works well in earthy or nature-inspired rooms.

14. Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Benjamin Moore Cloud White falls into the category of warm whites. Its subtle yellow undertones make the paint color strike a balance between warmth and brightness.

15. Behr Falling Snow

Behr Falling Snow is a cool off-white paint color with a blue-gray undertone. It goes well with blues, purples, and other cool-toned paint colors.

16. Farrow & Ball Wimborne White

Wimborne White is just a shade away from pure white. It includes a warm yellow undertone, giving it a soft character.

17. Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee

Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee is a warm white paint color that features creamy undertones. It can make your room look bright and clean without feeling cold.

18. Valspar Betsy’s Linen

Valspar Betsy’s Linen is an off-white paint color featuring cool undertones. It adds instant brightness to a space – use it for trim, doors, or as a wall color.

19. Sherwin-Williams Moderne White

Sherwin-Williams Moderne White features a cool green undertone. Its LRV of 74 indicates that the off-white color is relatively light. Moderne White creates a sense of tranquility in any interior space.

20. Benjamin Moore Navajo White

Benjamin Moore Navajo White is a warm off-white that almost resembles a light tan or beige. Pair it with brown wood trim and natural accents.