Vibrant Color Combinations to Amplify Red in Your Home

Colors that go with red amplify its depth and intensity in your home decor. Red color combinations range from warm neutrals to bold contrasts, cool accents, and earthy tones. Red is often associated with love, passion, and energy, creating a unique visual appeal in interior designs.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals evoke a sense of warmth and coziness, making them a popular choice for residential designs. Their versatility serves as a perfect base color for various design styles.

1. Red with Beige

Red with Beige
The Design Center at Merchandise Mart

The living room design by Tom Stringer uses red and beige as its primary theme, exuding warmth and coziness. Using a plush beige carpet offers a softer counterpart to the bold walls.

An exotic cowhide rug accentuates the color combination while introducing chic, rustic aesthetics. The elegant chandelier suspended from the ceiling serves as a key feature. One side of the room features a large lounging sofa with throw pillows in varying shades.

Two plush armchairs upholstered in a soft beige fabric amplify the floor’s warm neutral tone. They’re adorned with cozy throws to invite the feeling of relaxation.

2. Red with Cream

Red with Cream
Soho House

This living room’s enchanting combination of red and cream exudes comfort and style. At the room’s core is a red leather couch with plush cushions, injecting vibrant energy into the interior design.

A coffee table in front of the couch takes center stage with meticulous details. It holds a scented candle that emanates a soft glow that infuses the room with a soothing ambiance.

The floor carpet features a delicate red accent that contrasts against the cream walls. One wall is adorned by abstract paint, which brings an artistic flair to the room’s atmosphere.

Bold Contrasts

Bold contrast helps add visual interest and create a focal point, enhancing an interior design’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Red with Black

Red with Black
Mary Cook

The studio apartment designed by Mary Cook features a captivating blend of red and black. One wall is painted in a light red hue to infuse the space with warmth. A wall-to-wall carpet stretching across the floor complements the light red wall.

A red armchair is a vibrant, eye-catching centerpiece at the heart of the room. A black metal frame adorns the patio door to create a bold contrast against the red hues. Against the red wall, a black bed exudes comfort while adding a striking visual statement.

Nature-Inspired Hues

Using nature-inspired hues in an interior design mimics the tranquility of the natural world. They draw inspiration from various natural elements, such as flora, fauna, and landscapes.

4. Red with Forest Green

Red with Forest Green
Fiona Campbell Design

Fiona Campbell’s interior design captures the essence of nature with hues of red and forest green. The red armchair and its alluring Chesterfield ottoman create a charming area to unwind. Soothing, muted forest green paint on the walls creates a calming ambiance.

A medium-sized mirror reflects the sunlight coming in through the nearby window. The collection of books, a fireplace, and delicate lamps add character to the color combination.

5. Red with Gold

Red with Gold
Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Gold represents wealth and prosperity. Pairing red with gold makes this interior design feel luxurious and opulent. The dining room chairs have red and gold patterns, adding an elegant touch to the design.

Using gold-plated molding for the ceiling creates a sense of grandeur. The bluish-pink ceiling wallpaper adds a pop of color, while the light red carpet creates an inviting ambiance.

Cool Accents

Cool accents create a sense of freshness in a space. They offer contrast while contributing to a balanced, harmonious environment.

6. Red with Turquoise

Red with Turquoise
Susi Bellamy

Turquoise is often associated with inner peace, calmness, and serenity. Blending red and turquoise creates a sense of vibrancy in this interior design. The two turquoise armchairs are the room’s focal point, adding energy and a pop of color.

Tie-dye patterns on the cushions and ottoman add visual interest to the seating area. The wallpaper has tints of red and turquoise, acting as a cohesive element to type the design together.

7. Red with Navy Blue

Red with Navy Blue
Saul Construction

The contemporary kitchen design illustrates how red and navy lube creates a bold and visually captivating space. Navy blue kitchen cabinets add depth to the overall design. Navy blue is the color of serenity, stability, and dependability.

Two low-hanging black chandeliers provide a focal point in the kitchen. They complement the navy blue cabinets, adding a dramatic contrast.

The kitchen island features three seas with a red leather backrest, adding a vibrant element. The red leather enhances the texture and warmth of the space while providing extra comfort.

Earthy Tones

Earth tones often resemble nature elements, such as rocks, soil, and minerals. Using earthy hues in an interior design creates a warm, grounding atmosphere resembling the natural world.

8. Red with Brown

Red with Brown
B Fein Interiors LLC

B Fein Interiors made a warm interior design using a color scheme of red and brown. Using brown in a design creates a sense of practicality and steadiness. The two large couches are rich brown, creating a cozy relaxation area.

To complement the couches, the ottoman is in a matching brown color. It functions as a footrest or an additional seating area. The coffee table, with a glass top, allows the beauty of the brown color to shine through.

The walls are painted red for an impactful backdrop to the living space. The red curtains also enhance the color scheme while adding warmth to the room.

9. Red with Mustard Yellow

Red with Mustard Yellow
The Nordroom

The living room features earthy tones and a color scheme of red and mustard yellow. Painting the walls in a dark red color creates a rich, bold backdrop for the room. An abstract painting is an artistic and expressive element to the interior design.

There’s a large sofa upholstered in mustard yellow fabric, adding a vibrant touch to the space. The wooden table in front of the couch also creates a natural, rustic feel.