How Painting The Doors A Different Color Can Boost Your Home’s Décor

Using the same type of door with the same color for all the rooms in the house can be nice if you’re trying to create a cohesive look. But you should also consider painting them with different colors so that they reflect the room’s character and function.For example, the living room door can be simple and plain. Black and white are always great options but you can also choose to match the door to the flooring.

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Areas like the kids’ room, playroom or entertainment room can feature doors in bold and vibrant colors like green, red, yellow, etc.

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For the bathroom, you could paint the door a nice shade of turquoise or blue to reflect the marine theme and to also keep the design bright and simple.

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As for the front door, there are several possibilities. A front door that features a strong and vibrant color will serve as the focal point for your house’s facade and exterior design. Bold-colored front doors also look enticing and inviting.

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When choosing the color for a door, look at the room’s design and décor and find inspiration in things like the furniture, the accessories and the focal points. If you want the door to look special and unique, you can experiment with several different colors. For example, the door leaf and the trim don’t have to match.

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Choosing the right color for your doors can completely change the interior design of your home. Make them visually interesting and don’t be afraid to use strong colors.