How To Choose The Right Color For Your Media Room

What color should a media room be to enhance your movie viewing experience? This is a tricky question. The decision should be based both on your personal preferences and on advantages it offers. For example, a light color can make the room look more spacious but a dark shade would direct all the focus towards the screen and would minimize glare.

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Create a sense of intimacy in the room and allow it to feel welcoming and cozy by using the right colors. The best options would be the warm, earthy tones such as brown, cream or even red or burgundy.

Use dark colors if you want your media room to feel like a cinema. Not all the walls need to be dark. It can enough for the wall on which the screen or projector is are placed to be black and the rest of the walls could be grey or could feature a different color.

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When choosing the paint, avoid glossy finishes. Opt instead for a flat finish which doesn’t reflect light.

You should also stay away from bold colors such as blue, green or yellow because they’ll distort the colors on your TV or projector screen.

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Use neutral colors on the walls to maintain accurate colors on your screen. Choose mid-tones to dark shades of grey or brown for the best viewing experience. Black is also a nice option if you want an authentic theater feel, although it could make the room seem smaller.

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Consider painting the ceiling too, not just the walls. It should feature the same color as the walls so light doesn’t downwards across your TV or screen. This cuts back on the glare and keeps the screen’s colors true.

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Consider using color to make the TV area the focal point of the room. When the lights are on, you want this area to stand on and using the same color everywhere doesn’t really help. It’s why you could use a slightly different shade for that particular wall to create a contrast and to also add dimension to the room.