Two-Toned Walls That Work: Colorblocking Inspiration

Colorblocking is modern, fresh and perfect for any wall of the house. From accents walls, to entire rooms, this trend is interesting enough to add style but slick enough to keep a traditional home, well, homey. Black and white, shades of blue, coral and pink, they all look amazing dressing the walls. Here’s some inspiration for your next redecorating project and proof that two-toned walls work.

1. Mint and Moss.

White pink two tones

Greens always bring a fresh and natural feel to a room. It’s breathes in life and feels extra cozy. So, when you combine a lighter shade with a darker shade for an accented room, you’re creating a stylish and vivacious space for you to gather and relax it. The lighter on top brings the eyes up and the darker on the bottom creates a solid foundation for decorating.

2. Coal and Ice.

White pink two tones

Black and white always works, no matter what the format is. So, when you decide to colorblock your retro, eclectic bathroom using these two shades, you will never go wrong. The beauty is, if you have tile, keep that in its original shade of white and add the black to the walls for a textural, artistic look!

3. Water and Lime.

White pink two tones

For a funky and fun kids’ room try two vibrant colors! A spunky, lime green and a bright watery blue make for a special treat, whether it be the bedroom or the play room. It doesn’t really matter what’s on top or bottom, because these pairs are made for youthful, playful souls. You don’t even need “decor” when these design and color combinations work so wonderfully together.

4. Haze and Teal.

White pink two tones

It’s stylish. It’s a bit romantic. And a whole lot ethereal and calming. This color combo works amazing on a super large space with high ceilings. They’re darker shades but it makes for a room that is calming, serene but still very stylish if you’re into decorating in an out-of-the-box kind of way. We love this idea for a studio apartment or a college dorm.

5. Cream and Bubblegum.

White pink two tones

It could be a nursery or craft room. It could be your teen’s bedroom or the breakfast nook. This light and airy color combo does well on the walls because of its sheer vibrancy. It’s perky and fun, charming and girlish and works well in small spaces. Again, the darker color on the bottom lays down a great foundation. And the blocking adds interest that the room didn’t have to begin with!