Switch on to Digital Décor

We live in a world governed by gadgets and the internet. Soaking this up in our décor creates a futuristic and super modern atmosphere while being fun.

Digital Art Wall.

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A Pixel Image is Interesting Eye Candy

If you’re bored with the regular images that are placed on the wall, use something more creative, such as a piece of digital art. You can see in the picture above how it creates a mock mosaic effect, while making the flower pattern more mysterious.

Morse Code is Décor with Meaning.

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Shapes with Sentimentality

The use of Morse code in the home is an interesting and creative décor tip. It is also a fun way to enjoy a secret because you can spell out names or words. For instance, in the image above the strips of Morse code actually represent names of the family’s members.

Digital Frames.

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iPad Frame is a Techno Trend

You can frame your digital photos and art by using technological gadgets such as the iPad frame. This is a clever and practical way to display things that are important to you.

Décor Gadgets.

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Useful and Beautiful Objects

One of the coolest trends is the combination of décor with technology. Enter the décor gadget: a modern, high tech item that serves a purpose (such as charging your electronic devices) while looking like a piece of art.

Coding Colors.

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Circles of Color Mimic Computer Coding

You don’t have to do much with your décor in order to create a modern and technological design. This picture of colorful circles makes one think of coding flickering on a computer screen.

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Digital Pattern has Futuristic Feel

Another easy way to get tech inspired décor is with the use of mosaic. Choose no more than two or three colors for the tiles and then place them on a shower or accent wall. Great colors to use include white, grey and black, for a polished and techno feeling.

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Add Shapes and Colors.

You can extend your color palette in your home with the use of bright colors. This can also give one the feeling of gadget glamour. The trick is to combine shapes with colors. For instance, black and white circular patterns on the wall mixed in with long swirling lines of color on the floor. The contrast is sublime.

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Circular Chandelier is Breath-taking

The use of shapes is definitely a big part of the technological décor trend. Try bringing shapes into your common furniture and décor items. For instance, a circular chandelier or light fixture that hangs down to the floor can be very effective, especially when placed in close proximity to a swirling staircase.

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