Soothing Wall Colors (& Why We Love Them)

In our homes, we likely spend a lot of time considering furniture choices, room layout, and accessories and how they work to create a space that meets our needs.


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This space is its own lovely blend of rustic-coastal-luxury. With the classic blue and brown color palette, a punch of white trim lends itself to a fresh, modern feel. This soft, azure blue mimics the sky or water in nature, and other natural textures play off this feel (e.g., bamboo shades, topiaries, and the textured ottoman). This particular shade of blue is warm enough to put the brown velvet sofas at ease but cool enough to keep the space alive. It’s an excellent backdrop, even when there’s not another blue piece in the space.


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With low furniture lines and vaulted ceilings, there is plenty of wall space for this lovely shade of green to relax and soothe incomers. It plays off the natural light and landscape showing through those beautiful paned windows. Green is an excellent color choice here because it can be equally comfortable with elegant furnishings (note the gold-framed landscape artwork above the chair and the brass-legged side table) as with simply styled items (note the straight-lined furniture and the solid wooden ottoman). Despite its airiness, the green helps this large room feel almost cozy.


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Paired with other pale natural elements, this pale yellow is a perfect fresh backdrop in this casual space. The space incorporates an excellent blend of geometric shapes and pattern (large-print drapes and wall-mounted branches). Yellow is both a natural color and a contemporary one; this muted hue brings a sense of serenity to the space despite the abundance of exciting, eye-catching components.


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Cozy and relaxing, this warm space virtually envelops us with its rich wood floors, dark chocolate doors, and soft taupe walls. Though technically the same color (brown), differing shades and patterns and textures on each of the components make this room anything but boring. The walls create a pleasant cocoon-like environment, but tasteful and wise detours from brown are also taken. (Notice the soft white lighting – if it were brown, this likely would have dampened the whole room.) Overall, this is a lovely soothing space.


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To be honest, I’m not sure what color this is…which is part of its loveliness. It’s brown-green-blue-grey, and I think any of us could see ourselves comfortably relaxing in this space. I love the bold headboard print paired with the neutral simplicity of the rest of the space. The nondescript (yet perfect) wall color is dressed up with an elegant chandelier, crisp bedding, linen roman shade, and mirrored sunshine mirror. I could spend a lot of time in this beautiful room.

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