Relaxing Colors That Scream Serenity for 2013

Home is where the heart is. Home is the comfiest place to be. There’s a reason these popular phrases were born. Your home is your palace, it’s a place to relax and channel your serenity. So, it’s only fitting that you create at least one room, or nook even, that is all about a little R & R. That’s why we’ve put together a color list that are not only on trend for 2013 but reduces stress and helps anyone relax just by stepping inside. Take a look!

1. Mint Green.

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Smooth and creamy, this minty green is perfect for a cool, calm space. Greens help to breathe life into the space and has a natural, organic feeling attached to it’s look. But, when it’s turned down a notch and kept light and frothy with a mint shade, it brightens and clears the mind of any “intruder.”

2. Crystal Blue.

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Don’t get crystal blue confused with baby blue. Crystal blue has a clearer, brighter look and it’s close mates with icey whites. In the kitchen or office, these color will chill your mind while opening up the space and helping you relax. Darker colors doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing colors. If you’re closing off the room too much you won’t feel at ease like you would in a wide open crystal blue room.

3. Deep Violet.

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Darker but never harsh, a deep violet is a beautiful and stylish way to induce a bit of calm and rest. In the bedroom or accenting the living room, this shade of purple works great with a variety of themes and style types. From modern to eclectic it works and melds well while still creating a sense of serenity without being overly harsh as other darker colors have a tendency to do.

4. Blush Pink.

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A sorbet shade, this pink is pure joy. But it’s calming and quiet. Yes it’s a little feminine but not over-the-top. It pairs well with practically any and every color and doesn’t overwhelm any size space. It’s a way to bring peace to a chaotic house and revive the energy for a smooth feel.

5. Misty Grey.

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Charcoal may help you sleep but it’ll also make you feel caved in when it’s put in smaller spaces. Instead, try out a misty grey that still has that rainy day feel without all the drama. Fill the bedroom or kitchen with these color, accent it with your favorite brights and you’ll have a neutral palette to play with and chill out it.

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