Prints You Must Have in Your Décor

They’re trendy, give your home something bolder, and are really easy to achieve. Here are some of the most fashionable décor print trends and how to use them in your home.

Zebra Crossing.

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Stripe the Way into Style

All animal prints are fashionable, but one of the special ones is zebra print. This is a great idea if you don’t want something too bold, such as a cheetah or snake print, but it can still make your home look sophisticated. Even just one accessory in a zebra print can update the room.

Marimekko Fabrics.

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Mystical Patterns Increase Beauty and Trend Appeal

Marimekko refers to Finnish fabrics that are known for their original prints and interesting colors. In this image, the Marimekko on the wall in beautiful green works magically against the white and black of the room. It contains an intriguing design that can be interpreted in various ways, making it a great way to bring beauty and artistic flavor to your prints.

Graphic Prints.

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Face Forward: Vintage Prints Displayed in a Modern Way

Sometimes a print doesn’t have to take over the entire wall or some of your accessories; it can just be a work of art on the wall. A graphic print of an animal, symbol, or even celebrity can give the room a crispy edge. A black and white print is further classy, working excellently in both vintage or contemporary designed spaces.

Ikat prints.

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Tie-Dyed Fabrics in Pale or Bold Colors

An Ikat print is commonly found in clothing items such as scarves and dresses. It is hot property in textile décor and used as a technique for dyeing fabrics. There are various forms of ikat prints to choose from, such as triangular shapes and bold colors. Sometimes the patterns have brush stroke details. Ikat patterns are great for your home because you can add shapes to the design of a room’s upholstery.

Mixed prints.

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Create a Design Theme

It’s a décor myth that you should use one print only. Mix lots of different prints for a more eclectic look. This is a great way to make use of your favorite prints without having to ration them. However, there is a way to mix them correctly. Opt for prints that complement each other in some way. Try to use some that have similar shades or form part of the same theme. For instance, in the above image we can see some colors slightly overlapping, while the gold leaves on the wall complement the theme of nature when used with the zebra pattern and white plant leaf design on the cushions.

Plaid Prints.

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Traditional Textures Become Modern Marvels

Plaid is a lovely pattern that is traditionally in white with another color, such as black or pale green. However, you can update this look by choosing plaid in brighter colors. The useful thing about this is that it can be timeless thanks to plaid being so traditional. You can use this bright print in a more formal room of the house. It just adds something extra to the décor.

Blossoming Flowers.

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Surprise with Floral

Floral print always seems to be in fashion, whether in clothing and décor. With this trend that never seems to disappear for long, consider displaying it in a different way by targeting an area of the home where you would not be likely to find floral print. This could include the ceiling. A floral ceiling can bring color to your room without having to interfere with your neutral color palette in the room’s décor. It can also make the room appear larger, providing interest when people look upwards.

Damask Delight.

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Hot Pink Becomes the Highlight

Damask is a traditional print that makes one think of Victorian times, however, it can be given a modern facelift. When used in different colors, such as pink, Damask can become a fun, free-spirited accessory without losing its elegance. Such colors are perfect for the bedroom, study, or even the nursery.

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