Practical cantilever shelf by Seth Ellsworth

This is a simple shelf unit that can serve for storing both books and shoes. The unit is designed by Seth Ellsworth. The standard dimensions are 6 ft x 2.5 ft x 1 ft but custom configurations are also available upon request. You can just measure that space you want to turn into a storage area and order a custom unit that will fit perfectly.

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The staggered shelf serves as a great storage option. It has a very simple and minimalist design and it features a natural wood finish. This makes it particularly versatile and easy to integrate in any décor. You can include it on the hallway and use it a shoe storage unit, in the living room or even in the bedroom where it can serve as a bookcase. The unit includes nine shelves that are all replaceable. The shelves are made from solid wood and attached directly to the wall. They are not adjustable.

The unit is available in oak, dark stained oak or walnut. The shelves are placed on different heights. This way they offer various storage solutions. Different shelves have different dimensions and can be used to store different types of books or shoes. The price for this unit varies according to the dimensions and type of wood you choose. For a standard unit the price is somewhere around $300.