Pops of Ocean Blue in Every Room: Ideas & Inspiration

Vibrant spots in the kitchen, serene places in the bedroom or stylish edges in the office – all of this can be created with just a few pops of smooth, ocean blues. Here at Homedit, we’re bit advocators of blue. It’s comfortable, comforting and stylish in so many ways. If you’re looking for a simple way to brighten up your home, take a look at some of our ocean blue ideas and inspirations!

1. A statement piece.

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A kitchen armoire, a writing desk or even a giant entertainment center could all be your home’s statement piece. Coated in a rich, ocean blue, the furniture becomes not only versatile but stylish and artistic as well. Use these pieces amongst very neutrals settings to make it pop and explode on the eyes in a grander, richer way.

2. An accent wall.

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One of the most simple and inexpensive ways to utilize this amazing tone is to paint an accent wall. Even if it’s just a partial wall in the breakfast nook or in your office, this color has the power to transform, as well as relax. Not only will the space look instantly more fashion-forward but it’ll also create a serene appeal to the area.

3. A backsplash.

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Whether it’s tile or faux brick, blue blacksplashes are an great asset to any kitchen or bathroom. It literally electrifies the space with life without all the harsh power of brighter colors. It’ll add an edgier, youthful spirit to the space but with this foundation you can create the perfect eclectic theme or modern style.

4. A door.

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It could be the front door. It could be the back door. Or it could be the door leading into your home office! Painting a door a signature color is sure to liven up the entryway and make for a fun, welcoming experience. It’s unique too and adds the simplest subtly to your personal space.

5. A few small accents.

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You can even confine your pops of ocean blue to small accents. Blue pots and pans, blue vases lining the mantle, a collage of blue candles burning on the dining room table, all of these is easy to create. The blue will still add a richness, but in a less dramatic way than a full service of this bold blue. Go thrifting to try and find some perfect pieces or snag them at the store as soon as you seen accents you love.

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