Maison and Objet Paris – The Highlights Of The January 2017 Edition

After witnessing the big success of this year’s IDS Toronto and imm cologne editions, we were wondering what Maison & Objet Paris would bring new and we were anxious to also see some new faces and to discover fresh ideas from the sphere of everything related to interior design and contemporary living. Being a lifestyle show, Maison & Objet is mainly defined by an extraordinary diversity, covering everything from design, furniture, decor to accessories, textiles and tableware.

The fair is more focused on the general household and lifestyle trends and each year it celebrates a new designer. The Designer of the Year for 2017 was Pierre Charpin. Also, each year one material or trend tends to take the spotlight and a lot of designers present at this edition included glass in their creations. There was also a strong inclination towards antique finishes and vintage vibes. Check out our favorites for more details.

The modules alternate different colors, mixing warm and cool tones
The idea behind the design is to inspire a serene ambiance and to be eye-catching without being bold

One of the biggest and most impressive installations at the event was “Silence” created by Neal Feay, the global leader in creative aluminum structures and a studio with over 60 years of experience in cutting edge manufacturing technology and design. The installation is a materialization of the concept which gave the project its name, a visual representation of silence and a reflection on inner peace.

The green wall is really complex, putting together several different types of plants as well as different color tones
Diversity is key in the case of this installation, the focus being on the harmony that results from it

Another extraordinary installation was presented by Cadre Vert, the leading world specialist in the area of indoor green design. The installation the same as all the products offered by the company was entirely custom made using natural plants which are preserved using innovative technology. No watering or light is needed for it to maintain its beauty and freshness which is pretty amazing, raising the standards when it comes to vertical gardens.

Innovative seating

This entire collection of chairs introduces a really unusual idea, each individual model being unique
The flamingos inspire elegance with their slender silhouettes and fancy pink feathers

AP was present at the event and used this opportunity to mesmerize everyone with a collection that perfectly reflects the values that guides their creative process: uniqueness, creativity and a desire to create the unexpected and to set the highest standards. Products such as the Flamingo Chairs stand out from the crown and for good reason.

Cute and cuddly, the baby penguins on this chair are irresistible and a really cool inspiration source
Each chair is inspired by a different animal and they all offer high standards when it comes to comfort

Founded in 2015, the AP Brand took the world by surprise by offering a refreshingly unusual perspective on furniture. The latest collection takes inspiration from nature and revives some already existing designs with a contemporary and unexpected twist. The series of chairs present in the collection incorporate powerful images of animals such as snow seals, turtles, flamingos or, in this case, cute little penguins.

How can you not like this chair when fluffy white bunnies love it so much?
The fluffiness of the cover is the materialization of the concept behind the design

How cozy would you imagine it would be to sit in a chair full of fluffy little white bunnies? They’re not real, obviously, but they definitely capture all the cuteness in the most wonderful of ways.

They may not be as fluffy and soft as the rabbits but these baby boars are really cute too

The collection also includes the Hunte Chair which features wild boar skin on the back that is in perfect harmony with the new contemporary twist featured by the piece.

Of course, nobody can argue that swans are the very definition of grace and elegance

Each individual chair type in the new collection is inspired by an animal and captures its defining characteristics through carefully-chosen covers and materials. The swan chair has a delicate look while the the wild boar type has a more rough design that;s equally well planned. It’s the subtle details that allow these chairs to stand out.

The shell is pretty large compared to the actual seat and backrest, making this look like a chair within a chair
The exterior of the back shell is decorated with intricate patterns that highlight its beautiful form

This is the Acoma chair, a piece of furniture featured by Alma de Luce. The inspiration for its design was the beauty of the ceramics made by artisans from City of Sky in New Mexico. The designers transformed that art into a modern chair with classical features. The chair’s back is the most visually interesting part while the seat itself is more simple and focused on comfort and ergonomics.

A few golden accents give glamour to a design and, in this case, capture the essence of the design

The same brand also showcased here an interesting sofa called Kintsukuroi, a word that describes the art of repairing pottery with gold and lacquer and with a japanese origin. The sofa translates this concept into a design that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. The overall design is at the crossroads between modern and traditional.

The main focus in the case of this project was on modularity and flexibility although looks weren’t overlooked either

Pierre Charpin, named designer of the Year at Maison & Objet this year, was present with a concept called Slice. The easiest way to describe it would be as a chair although that wouldn’t fully include all of its defining characteristics. The idea behind the chair is not entirely new, being first mentioned in 1996. However, it was only now that the concept tully took shape. The idea behind the project was to create a comfortable chair which could be complemented by one, two or several ottomans in order to create modular seating for flexible spaces and settings.

Simplicity is something the best strategy, especially in the context of a minimalist and contemporary design

This is Hawthorne, a sofa designed by Altto, a trend-setting brand with a strong contemporary and urban attitude and an inclination towards furniture that embraces the boutique feel. This sofa was designed with velvet upholstery and with synthetic leather for the bottom and sides.

Modularity and flexibility were also important details for this coffee table, hence its unusual form

Altto also presented at the fair an unusual coffee table that was named Juniper. Its design is very interesting in the sense that it combined several different forms, materials and finishes. The round top section is made of wood veneer with a satin finish, the same as the main structure. The base is metallic with an iron finish and there’s also a section covered in synthetic leather.

Although small and compact, this is definitely not the type of furniture that can be overlooked
The desk is small but it can definitely become a focal point thanks to its rich colors and pattern

Like we mentioned in the beginning, there was a considerable inclination towards antique and vintage designs at this year’s Maison & Objet edition. One of the most eye-catching pieces was the Promise Number 1 secretary desk designed in the Louis XV style. The contemporary twist comes in the form of leather fragments in various shapes and colors that cover the piece.

The Montgomery sofa is in a sense a simplified version of a traditional sofa, mixing old and new beautifully

Fendi was also present, with new designs that are in sync with the new trends and the preference for glass and vintage elegance. The Montgomery sofa with its clean and elegant design was complemented by the Anya coffee tables which combine metal frames with tinted glass tops. The combination is simple and stylish, putting together materials, textures and colors that complement each other and result in harmony.

Some designs stand out not with their coloring or aesthetic but with the innovation at the base of their very structure

Amura came with a beautiful new armchair they called Kimono. The chair has a simple structure but its design is a little more complex than usual. The seat is suspended at the center of the frame and this gives the user an unusual and unique seating experience. Of course, this doesn’t interfere with the comfort offered by the armchair.

It’s pretty cool that the table can fit perfectly over the bench in case space is an issue

Another product that caught our eye at the fair was the Webby bench by Porada. We love the elegant frame made of solid canaletta wood and the fabric-upholstered seat with buttons which can either match the fabric or feature a different, contrasting color. The bench can be paired with a matching side table with a marble top.

Stylish new designs for the bathroom

The concept behind this sink’s design is a very artistic one, capturing a very specific idea
The sinks looks like a work in progress, being partially still uncovered and hidden inside the marble block
The design captures the magic of the moment when the form of the sink starts to take shape
You can clearly see the unfinished edges where the marble discs were came off

The star of the bathroom series at the fair was the Introverso sink designed by Paolo Ulian for Antonio Lupi. The idea behind the design was to treat the sink as a sculpture and to allow it to take shape by cutting pieces from the initial block of marble drafted by the machine. The 3D shape of the sink is first outlines by a series of cuts which forms thin trips of marble. After that, their edges are broken and the sculpture starts to take shape. It’s this process that was beautifully captured in this project. The result is a sink with a strong sculptural character and an artistic vibe.

The latest trends in storage and cabinetry

Not everything has to stand out and be unique. The whole often matters more than each individual element on its own

We also got to admire some beautiful new designs which make storage more elegant than ever. One of the pieces displayed at Maison & Objet was the Atlante 3 sideboard designed by C Ballabio  for Porada. It’s made of canaletta walnut and it has a marble top. Three drawers offer ample storage. The sideboard was displayed here in the company of two Mix mirrors by the same designer. They have frames in solid canaletta walnut that match the cabinet.

This is a cabinet with a subtle industrial design and an oval form which allows it to look graceful
It looks slender but it doesn’t really save much space. Nevertheless, the visual impression lasts

Meet Lancelot, a cabinet able to fit beautifully in corners but also in a lot of other spatial configurations. It’s delicate frame ensures a slender and elegant silhouette. The cabinet’s main characteristic is the oval shape. Two large doors open to reveal the contents. There are many uses for such an interesting accent piece.

Such cabinets can turn out to be very space-efficient, especially when used to their full potential

Another beautiful find was Frans, a drinks cabinet with plenty of character. It has a timber construction with a lacquered finish and copper handles, a combination that’s elegant over anything else. Two doors with built-in storage open to reveal shelves and storage compartments for bottles, glasses and utensils. There’s also a tinted mirror inside.

Eye-catching accessories and accent pieces

Decorative wall installations or tiles have become popular lately thanks to their diversity and strong character
The leaves are of several different color nuances and also come with two different finishes
They can be arranged and displayed in a variety of different configurations, depending on the desired effect

This is a vertical garden like no other and that’s in part because the leaves are made of copper which has been bent, oxidized and then finished with a brushed or greenspan design. This is an installation designed by De Castelli to serve as a decorative feature for modern interiors. It comes in the form of tiles for both floors and walls. The effect on the space is a theatrical but also inviting one thanks to the colors used.

Not all decorative tiles are meant to be bold, striking and eye-catching. Some focus more on the ambiance

Inspired by a traditional weaving technique, the Vienna tiles can be installed on walls or floors in order to give spaces a sophisticated and elegant look. The tiles have a mesh effect with a striped finish and they’re suitable for a variety of different settings and spaces.

Metal is among the most common materials when it comes to industrial designs

Some small furniture pieces such as side tables, ottomans or shelves can be added to a space later on, after most of the interior design was planned and organized. This is a set of two small tables from the Sunrise & Sunset collection. They come in two different heights and they have tray tops and bases made of iron.

This year, glass was a popular material choice for a lot of the designers present at Maison & Objet

There was no shortage of decorative objects at the event either. Some of the most interesting exhibits were focused on glass designs. A good example would be the Aria series, a collection of hand-blown glass items with curvy forms that become thinner towards the top. They were displayed in a variety of colors and two types of finishes.

Vases like these ones lost their initial purpose and have become standalone decorations, a lot like sculptures

A similar collection was the set of Pinnacoli vases designed by Luciano Gaspari. a renewed version of the vases showcased at the 1960 Venice Biennale. They’re tall and slender and they can look good as standalone objects. The vases also come in a variety of colors and in three different sizes.

A large clock nowadays is perceived like an unusual and unconventional home accessory, an odd evolution considering its initial purpose

Clocks went from being a must-have that helped us tell time to being a purely decorative element kept out of nostalgia. Of course, innovations are still made and a perfect example is the series of Takto Timepieces created by Teckell that was present at the fair. The collection harmonizes form and function and makes clocks fashionable again.

Decorating with empty is an actual trend that started a while back. The focus is on the frames themselves instead of on the photos that they frame

Side was present with a very interesting collection of furniture and decorations that stood out thanks to their highly sculptural forms and designs. The collection included the Frame of Love, Master of Love and Queen of Love, a set of empty frames, an armchair and a side table, all full of elegant details and ornate features inspired by the baroque style.

It seems that a lot of new designs are inspired by old or traditional techniques and ideas

The hand-painted tile technique was materialized and highlighted at the fair in the form of an eye-catching sideboard with a very interesting structure formed of multiple layers. The Heritage Sideboard designed by Boca do Lobo with its intricate design and story is reminiscent of traditional ginger jars. Above was the Filigree Mirror inspired by an old jewelry making technique. The mirror is completely hand-crafted and its form is inspired by the Portuguese culture.

Accent furniture

The clean, sleek and graphical lines of the shelving unit frame the contents in a lovely way

Each of the furniture pieces in this cozy corner could be a wonderful standalone product but they also look very beautiful when put together, completely each other and resulting in harmony. The set displayed here comes from Meridiani and includes the Jo armchair, Bongo low table and the Hardy bookcase.

Anything can become a luxury piece when designed properly, even a foosball table
This is a design that takes something simple to a whole new level

This would have to be the fanciest foosball table we came across, not just at the fair but in general. It’s called Cristallino and is was designed by Teckell. We got to admire two versions, one of which was the gold-plated 24K gold limited edition. Both versions share in common a clear glass structure with beveled corners. The playing field is in laminated shatterproof crystal and the players are made of aluminum with different finishes. Hidden feet allow the table to be leveled and adjusted.

The detail that makes this desk stand out is its leather covered-top which gives it a very refined look

Few people write these days so it becomes a bit difficult to find a stylish writing desk. There are still options and we got to see one at Maison & Objet this year. The Menton desk by Pinch stands out thanks to its inlaid leather writing surface and the overall simplicity of its design. Storage is offered in the form of two drawers and there’s also an integrated cable management system for those times when you’d rather use a laptop.

Glass table tops are appreciated for their transparency, especially when the design is centered around a sculptural base

We also got to meet the Rock, not the celebrity but the table. The table has a robust wooden base with a geometric form meant to resemble the irregular nature of rocks, hence the name. A round glass top completes the piece, ensuring a clear and transparent design. Overall, the design is simple but distinctive. The table was paired here with Portfolio Chairs, chosen for their elegant allure and simple silhouette.

There’s a playfulness that defines this chair and bench duo, given by both their forms and choice of materials

Check out the newest creations from Moustache. The Bold chair and bench are indeed bold and eye-catching, They feature metal structures wrapped in polyurethane foam and removable textile covers and they look a lot like sculptures or decorative items rather than actual usable furniture. The Tiger Rug that complements them is pretty cool too, also featuring a playful and graphical design.

Why settle for a single side table when you can have two? It’s a principle materialized here in a very artistic way

Speaking of playful designs, Moustache also came with this interesting coffee table called Baobab. It has a design that split it into two separate surfaces placed at different heights and with tray tops, like two branches of a large tree. It’s a pretty small table so it would be interesting to combine with other similarly interesting accent pieces.

Depending on the angle at which you look at these tables, their colors change and with them the whole decor

Although not a new creation, the Shimmer Tavoli table series still turns a lot of heads. The collection includes high and low tables and consoles made of laminated and glued glass and their most interesting feature is the iridescent multichromatic finish which changes color depending on the angle.


Cute, cuddly and fun, these white bunnies are perfect for bedrooms or cozy reading nooks

The Rabbit Lamp by Stefano Giovannoni adds a little bit of magic to any space you place it in. It’s the perfect accent piece for a room that needs some personality. There are two versions of the lamp available, one for indoor spaces and one for outdoor environments. They’re both made of polyethylene and have a gentle and cute look.

With light fixtures like these ones any space can become a scene for theatrical decors

Seletti came with a similar concept in the form of the Monkey lamp series. The collection includes, wall sconces, pendant lamps and also table lamps all inspired by the same thing: cute little monkeys that brighten up our spaces. They look pretty natural, hanging from cords and climbing on walls.

Available both as table lamps and as hanging pendant lights, these sculptures offer a new perspective on light

The inspiration for Blackbody’s new lamp series comes from bonsai trees, hence the name, BONSAÏ. This chic collection created by Aldo Cibic&Tommaso Cora focuses on OLED lamps which tame the light and improves our relationship with it. The table lamp becomes a sculpture.

Botti Chandelier from Delightfull

The Ostrich Feather Lamp was one of the most spectacular things we’ve seen at Maison & Objet. The lamp is designed by Modern Grand Tour and it looks a lot like a palm tree but with…feathers. Its ostrich feather foliage is guaranteed to stand out and to become a focal point in any environment and decor. Several color options are available.

The lamp has a delicate aluminum shade with perfectly balanced arms that twist to form a spiral at the base

It seems that a lot of new designs at the fair were inspired by nature. Another one is the Cirrata lamp which looks like an octopus, being inspired by the creature that lives in the darkness of the ocean. The lamp’s silhouette is delicate and graceful and what’s interesting about it is the fact that it’s made of aluminum.

Wind instruments were the inspiration for this unusual chandelier and its dramatic flair

For the Botti chandelier, the inspiration was music. This is a light fixture presented by Delightfull, with a rich design that takes inspiration from musical instruments. The structure is made of brass with a golden finish and the overall impression is that of a theatrical decor.