How To Decorate With Sideboards And Other Similar Furniture Pieces

Sideboards are a bit problematic in terms of functionality. Although they can be very versatile, they don’t exactly have a well-defined function or a space that’s designated just for them. In fact, sideboards are also a little bit difficult to define. There’s a group or similar furniture pieces which includes sideboards, buffets, servers and credenza units, all of which share pretty much the same features. They each also have a set of distinctive characteristics. We’ll explore some of those as well as other sideboard-related aspects through the following examples.

White sideboard cabinet with black frame

Sideboards can be differentiated from other similar pieces of furniture by their short legs. In some cases, sideboards can even go all the way down to the floor. There are, of course, variations of this characteristic.

Sideboard cabinet with a table on top

Some designs are eclectic and don’t necessarily treat the sideboard as a classic piece of furniture. For example, sometimes a sideboard can also be an element that’s integrated into the design of a console unit.

Luxury sideboard cabinet

There are many different uses for sideboards. Traditionally, they were used in dining rooms where they provided storage space for serving plates and other things. This is still one of the main uses for sideboards today.

Style a sideboard cabinet with flowers

The credenza is often referred to as a sideboard. Originally, it defined a piece of furniture with no legs or a cabinet that reached down to the floor. The more modern versions, however, often have legs and even sliding doors.

Marble on top sideboard

Whether you call it a sideboard cabinet, a credenza or something else, this is a piece of furniture that can take many different forms and can be designed using a variety of materials and combinations. A good example in this design which puts together a sleek wooden frame and a marble top.

Sideboard cabinet with marble on top

Another piece of furniture often referred to as a sideboard is the server. Originally it defines a piece of furniture that’s smaller, shorter and more former than a sideboard or a buffet. All these terms are usually used interchangeably and this makes all these small differences become irrelevant.

Duo sideboard cabinets

Sideboards can look nice in pairs if they’re small. In fact, this can be an interesting design option for certain spaces and types of decor. Minimalist designs like this one are versatile enough to be used in a lot of different settings.

Brown modern sideboard cabinet

Whether its design is traditional, vintage or modern, a sideboard can incorporate both open and closed storage spaces. Most often it’s the space at the center that remains open and is used as a storage area for magazines or books.

Wood finish sideboard buffet

There are many possible configurations, not just when it comes to open and closed storage spaces but also in terms of materials, finishes and colors. An elegant combination puts together wood tones and black accents.

Sideboard cabinet with purple geometric pulls

A small sideboard or credenza can serve as an accent piece for a hallway, bedroom or even for a home office. Sideboards are more versatile than they let us believe. There are many practical uses for them around the house.

Geometric front for a sideboard cabinet

Dressers are also sideboards in a way. So if you find the large drawers of a dresser not suitable for your bedroom, consider using a sideboard instead. It can offer you the storage you need in a different form.

Sidebarod cabinet with an open niche

A sideboard buffet is another interesting option. Traditional buffets have relatively high legs can this detail can be sometimes be used to differentiate them from other similar pieces of furniture such as a server or a credenza.

Ginger Jager sideboard gabinet

Since sideboards only occupy the lower portion of a space, they leave a lot of room above them for things like a wall-mounted mirror, a framed piece of art or even a second piece of furniture or a set of open shelves.

White sideboard cabinet with gold branch legs

Because there are many overlaps between sideboards, buffets and all other furniture pieces mentioned so far, it’s easier to just use the terms interchangeably and to put them all in the same category. That’s what most manufacturers and stores do anyway.

Wood mid century inspired sideboard cabinet

Like we mentioned before, sideboards, whatever the type, can be quite versatile. They can be used in a variety of spaces and can take on various roles and functions. For example, use a sideboard as a mini bar.

Sleek finish sideboard cabinet

In bedrooms a sideboard can be used as a storage unit for accessories. Similarly, you can use a sideboard in a home office or work space to store documents, supplies and other things and to organize them all and thus keep the room clean and clutter-free.

Textile pattern for sideboard cabinet front

Sideboards are also great for organizing collections. whether you choose a sideboard with open shelves, one with closed compartments or one that has both options, you can easily organize your collections like that and avoid overtaking the room with clutter and lots of knick-knacks.

Sleek corners for sideboard cabinet

Sideboards can also be used in bathrooms. They make great storage units for things like towels, bathrobes and all sorts of other necessities. Keep everything accessible and organized and also give the bathroom an elegant look.

Sideboard buffet with mirrors and shelves above

Most sideboards combine two or more storage options. For example, pull-out drawers are usually used in combination with large storage compartments with doors. This ensures a certain variety of storage options.

Wood and white sideboard cabiney

Other great uses for a sideboard can be found in the children’s room. Use a sideboard to store all the toys. Since this is a low piece of furniture or relatively small dimensions, kids find it easy to use it. This is also a nice strategy to help you teach them how to be organized.

Large sideboard cabinet with an open niche

Always be original and look for new and custom ways of using a sideboard. For example, turn it into a coffee station or mini bar or use it to organize your cleaning supplies in the laundry room. Think out of the box and the sideboard will reveal its versatile nature.