Quick and Easy DIY Hexagon Wall Shelves for Plants

Do you love the plant trend? You know I do. But what I love even more are plants displayed on wall shelves. Whether it’s a cactus, a plant with wild leaves hanging down or a pretty flower plant, it adds a feeling of tranquility to any room. While I particularly like the look of wall shelves in the bedroom, they would work equally well above the sofa in the living room, hallway, or any other corner that needs a bit of greenery.

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Now let’s get to work and make some DIY Hexagon Plant Shelves to display our plant friends. This a super easy project and a great alternative to wooden hexagon shelves. Whether you are a beginner or a DIY superstar, I can guarantee that you will be able to create these shelves.

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Here’s what you will need:

  • Two hexagon-shaped cardboard gift boxes. You can get them in gift or craft shops, or in the box section of your local hardware store.  You can also use other shapes. like squares or rounds…whatever you wish!
  • White spray paint
  • Nails and a hammer

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The instructions for this project are very simple, as I am sure you can imagine. All what we have to do is spray the gift boxes with white spray paint. How many cots of paint your boxes will require depends on your box. I gave mine three coats of paint to cover the color of the cardboard well and give them a nice smooth finish, but you may need more or less.  Once you are happy with the look of the painted boxes, wait for them to dry completely. I would recommend leaving them to dry overnight before mounting them on the wall, just to be sure.

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Once they are fully dry, make a little hole in the back of the box near the top edge. Then, using the hammer, nail your new hexagonal boxes to the wall. You might want to paint the nail white also, so that it’s not visible. Project complete!

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Hexagon Plant Shelves ProjectView in gallery

Are you happy with the result? I have to say I like it very much!