Projects That Revive The Beauty Of Mid Century Interior Design

Lately, vintage is the new cool and design trends that defined past decades are being revisited. The beauty and charm of mid century furniture and home accessories is being revived through a series of DIY projects which you’re invited to try. Bring that charm into your home and have fun redecorating.

DIY Mid Century Planters

If you like keeping plants in your home, you might enjoy displaying them in some lovely planters like the ones featured on Sugarandcloth. They sit on some cute little stools. You can craft something similar for your home using the following materials: tapered wooden legs, angle plates, painter’s tape, wooden plaques, wood stain, gold spray paint, a drill, glue and planters.

Mid Century Three-legged end tables

Three-legged end tables are a label of mid century interior design. But not just any table design is right if you want to capture that specific vintage charm. Check out the tutorial on Pneumaticaddict if you like this lovely side table. It will show you how to make one just like it. It’s not as easy as building a minimalist modern table but it is worth the extra effort.

Chic Side Table with a mid century flair

This chic side table also has three legs and a round top but its design is pretty unusual. The legs are not attached directly to the top but they rather stand to the side. It definitely has a mid century look to it but if you want it to better fit into your modern home you might want to give it a makeover. It would be easy to just paint the top and stain the legs as suggested on Brepurposed.porch.

DIY Hairpin Legs Table

Hairpin legs look really chic on tables like this stylish one featured on Farmfreshtherapy. This can actually inspire a bunch of great projects. You could go find yourself a round piece of wood and then buy three hairpin legs and put these together to make a lovely dining table. But before you do that, spray paint the legs. You could give them a bright color so they contrast with the top.

Mid Century Nighstand

You can also put hairpin legs on a nightstand. In fact, you could make the nightstand from scratch. You’d just need some plywood, four hairpin legs, wood glue, nails and a hammer. Make the body of the nightstand out of four pieces of plywood and then attach the legs. You can paint these if you’d like. {found on burkatron}.

Modern Mid Cenrury Hair Pin Coffee Table

Obviously, hairpin legs also look beautiful on coffee tables. If you already have a tabletop to start with, the project is extremely simply because all you need to do is drill some holes and attach the legs. Actually, this applies to a variety of other projects as well. Use the design featured on Thesurznickcommonroom as inspiration.

Bench with A Mid Century Design

Although live edge wood is very popular in modern and contemporary interior design, it’s also something that you’d expect to see in a mid century modern space. It’s all in the details. For example, this bench featured on Dreamgreendiy has a versatile look with its live edge top and brightly-colored tapered legs. Moreover, it’s used here as a coffee table alternative.

Mid Century Coffee Table

Building a table is not that complicated, especially if the design is a simple one. Let’s say you like the table featured on Peanutbutterandpancakes. To make one just like it you need a 2×6 piece of wood, four tapered legs, 4 angled top plates, screws, wood stain, sealer and sandpaper. It’s a pretty straight-forward design.

White top coffee table with mid century legs

We find three-legged coffee tables to be particularly charming. They have this delicate and glamorous look which isn’t necessarily linked to the type of material or the forms used in the design. A great example in this sense is the table featured on Thewonderforest. It has a top with an irregular shape and smooth lines and three tapered legs that support it.

Mid century side table

Don’t you just love how chic this side table is? We particularly enjoy the contrast between the pastel pink and stained wood. To create something equally beautiful, you can use as inspiration the tutorial on Sugarandcloth. Keep in mind that details are important and that you need to get them just right in order to match the style.

Sideboard mid century

There’s something you can do for every room of your home. For example, if you want to add some mid century elegance to your bedroom, you could make a sideboard like the one described on Sugarandcloth. Here’s what was needed to build this one: four 4’’ wood table legs, wood stain, two hexagon door knockers, an Ikea Besta shelf and matching white doors, a drill and some screws.

Mid century dresser

If you already have a dresser in your bedroom and you’d simply like to change its look a little bit, we suggest something simple like a mid-century modern design. Try the suggestions offered on Avintagesplendor. To get the design just right you’ll need a sander, primer, bronze paint, wood filler, a sprayer, a saw, a drill, brass pulls and, of course, a Tarva dresser.

Thrifted Side Chair Makeover Combo

Makeovers are fun and they can really transform a space. You should also consider makeovers if you enjoy reviving old furniture pieces and giving them a second chance to look fabulous. For instance, if you can find one of these classical plastic chairs, you could paint it base gold and the seat a nice pastel pink and it would look exquisite. {found on dreamgreendiy}.

Color block mid century large nighstand

In some cases, it might seem like there’s no hope for a fresh and beautiful look but with a bit of patience and some inspiration you cant transform pretty much anything. Just have a look at this vintage night stand we found on Visualheart and how stylish it looks after the makeover. The new colors suit it well, giving it a chic mid-century modern flair.

Mid century inspired plant stand

Perhaps you’re familiar with these tiered plant stands like the one we found on Abeautifulmess. They’re reminiscent of a time when things were quite different. Welcome that nostalgic beauty into your home by crafting your own mid century plant stand. You’ll need some wooden circles, square dowels, white paint and primer, wood stain, a drill and L brackets.

Safari mid century inspired bench

What do you do with a sofa when it gets old and outdated? One option can be to give it a makeover or to upcycle it into something else. If you’re curious how such a project would go, check out Vintagerevivals. Here you can find out how an old sofa became a leather safari sling bench with a lot of character. The materials used include some wood, wooden dowels and upholstery webbing.

Mid century desk

Is a mid-century modern desk something that you’d like to have in your home? It does look stylish and elegant so perhaps you should give this a try. You can find out what you need to build such a desk from the detailed tutorial offered on Remodelaholic. You can try variations of this design and customize the desk according to your own specific needs and to be characteristics of the space you plan to put it in.

Mid century trinket dish

Tables, chairs and sideboards are all must-have furniture pieces but other things are just accent pieces or accessories which you can definitely live without. One such thing can be this mid century trinket dish featured on Enthrallinggumption. It looks really cute and you could use it as a jewelry dish or just a lovely decoration. To make something similar you’ll need air dry clay, pastel pink spray paint, brown acrylic paint, gold gilding and a glue gun.

Mid century mirror

Mirrors are also great accessories. Consider a starburst mirror if you want to give your home that vintage and cozy feel that you like so much. Starburst mirrors are actually pretty easy to craft. You could start with a styrofoam disc and a round mirror. Cover the disc with a layer of gold spray paint and then cut some gold wire pieces to the same length. Bend the wires to form leaf shapes and stick them into the side of the disc. At the end, glue the mirror to the disc. {found on blitsy}.

Mid century starburst

A starburst wreath can also be a pretty decoration for a wall. To make something like this you could use a foam ball, wooden dowels, acrylic gemstones and a hot glue gun. First make a sketch of your design and decide how many dowels you’ll need. Then cut and sand the dowels and spray paint them if you want to change their color. Cut the foam sphere in half and insert the dowels in. After that, glue some gemstones onto the tips of the dowels. {found on pmqfortwo}.

Starburst Wall decor

Something similar is described on Lovemaegan. These sea urchin ornaments are pretty easy to make. You need foam balls in various sizes, bamboo skewers, gold spray paint and adhesive. Insert the skewers into the balls and make sure to slice off the bottom so it stays flat. Then spray paint the whole thing and then hang them on a wall with nails.

Modern mid century wall clock

Starburst mirrors and decorative urchins are one thing but wall clocks are quite different. They require a bit more attention to detail and they’re not as easy to integrate in a DIY project. Still, if you want a starburst clock in your home you should go for it. There’s a great tutorial that you can use for that. Find it on Realitydaydream.

Modern Brass Chandelier

It might seem scary and complicated to build your own light fixtures but things are actually pretty simple. If you understand the basics of how a chandelier works, you can have a lot of fun building one that suits your style. Check out this brass chandelier on Littlegreennotebook and enjoy creating something similar for your own home.

DIY wall Art Fabric

The idea of using fabric as wall art is not new. In fact, it’s pretty outdated but it could make a strong comeback. If you enjoy the idea, perhaps you’d like to make some fabric wall art for your own home. We found some interesting suggestions in this sense on Ohohblog. When you think about it, this type of décor could make a space feel really cozy and inviting.

Pineapple Bowl with a mid century style

If you’re looking to fill the voids in your home with some mid-century inspired decorations, consider using wooden or ceramic bowls. They used to be really popular and you can still find some in thrift stores. You could customize these to give them a modern twist if you want. All you’d need is some acrylic paint. {found on maizebutton}.