Stylish Options And Alternatives For Modern Nightstands

Nothing is easy in the world of interior design and decor. Something as simple as picking a nightstand for the bedroom can turn out to be a difficult and challenging task. That’s, of course, if you’re looking to create a personalized decor and an ambiance that defines you. Modern nightstands take into consideration the user’s every need and there’s something out there for each and every one of us. Every design is unique in one way or another whether this refers to looks or function.


Minimalistic nightstands built into the bed’s frame are quite trendy right now. They’re appreciated for their simplicity and the clean look they offer. Freestanding designs come in the form of sleek wall-mounted shelves.


However, if you also want some extra storage for your bedroom, you could opt for something like this instead. Both of these nightstands feature roomy drawers and storage compartments which are perfect if you’re the type that like to keep a stack of books by the bed or a few personal things close at hand.


The nightstands match the bed frame but not always. If you do decide to go with the matching design then you’ll probably enjoy the symmetry and cohesion. Such sets are often preferred for traditional interiors.


Some modern nightstands are built into the headboard or the bed frame. In this case the design is simple and playful. We love the way the headboard gently curves around the corner and the cozy and comfortable ambiance it creates.


You could choose to add some freestanding shelf modules to the mix as well. For instance, in addition to the usual nightstand, a bedroom can also feature wall-mounted modules like these ones. They increase the storage capacity of the room and they all look interesting.


Not all modern nightstands are actually nightstands. By that we mean that you can use a side table or even a chair as a nightstand. These tables add a touch of uniqueness to the decor. They may not offer much storage but they’re definitely eye-catching.


Here’s another example of a table-like nightstand. It actually gives the room a really elegant and refined look. The bottom shelf is just what you need for all the things like your phone, watch, favorite book and maybe a few others.


There’s always this close connection between nightstand and the lighting fixtures positioned on either side of the bed. While table lamps are the most common, sometimes pendant lamps can make the space look a bit more refined.


There are plenty of ways in which the nightstands can add charm to the bedroom. For example, the nightstands can be a source of color for the room’s decor and this way the space would look well-balanced and more welcoming.


However, if the goal is to let the nightstands blend in with the rest of the decor, you should choose something simple and in accordance with the other furniture pieces and elements around it.


But even a very simple nightstand can stand out a little bit. It can blend in through color and finish but it can stand out through form or style. It’s all about the whole picture and the way furniture and accessories interact with each other in the room.


We like the idea of matching elements in a decor as long as this doesn’t overwhelm the space or make it look exaggerated in this sense. This is a good example of nice balance. The nightstand has a color that matches the bed frame and the rest of the furniture and a mirrored front panel that mimics the wall behind it.


The stylish side tables that are so practical in living rooms can also make nice nightstands. If you want to create an chic and interesting look, you can use sets of three or more side tables and combine them as you see fit.


There has to be a balance between the nightstands and everything else in the room. This can be achieved through form and color. Let’s say that you match the nightstands to the bed frame or the headboard. In that case you can use a complementary or contrasting color for the area rug and the bedding.


One the things that make us love wall-mounted nightstands is the fact that they look lightweight and make the room seem airy and spacious. This makes the great for small bedrooms with little floor space.


You can also create a similar sense of spaciousness with glass or acrylic nightstands. In fact, any furniture piece with these characteristics can help achieve a sense of freedom and can make a room feel airy.


If you have a single bed there’s really no need for two nightstands. One is enough and you can use the rest of the space for something a bit more storage-efficient like a dresser or a cabinet.


In addition, if the room is tiny, that one nightstand can come in the form of a simple shelf which is either attached to the wall or to the bed frame. It should be enough for a small lamp and other necessities.


A lot of things can be repurposed as nightstands. This usually includes side tables. They’re appreciated for their reduced dimensions and their ability to make a room looks stylish without overcrowding it.


If you want to decorate the bedroom with two nightstands, they don’t necessarily have to be identical or even to match. After all, each person has a unique style and this should be reflected in the furniture they use.


But let;s say you do choose matching nightstands for the sake of symmetry and cohesion. You can make each one look unique and different with the help of the right accessories and various little details.


A possibility can also be to choose different nightstands but to somehow make them both integrate into the room equally well and beautiful. They can feature colors, shapes or details that link them to other elements in the room.


The bed and the nightstands should complement each other. If you have a platform bed that’s lifted off the ground, the nightstands can be a bit more compact and this means they can include more extra storage.


If there’s enough space in the room, then you can play with all sorts of interesting designs and combinations. For instance, you could use a side table as a nightstand on which to keep the lamp and another one for things like books, an alarm clock, a glass of water, etc.


Even a coffee table has serve as a nightstand if it’s small enough and has the right design and structure. It needs to be small in order to look comfortable by the bed and to not incommode you when getting in or out of bed.


The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this bedroom decor is how cozy the space looks. We love the color palette and all the soft shapes and textures. The nightstand completed the whole ensemble with its smooth edges and minimalist look.


Considering the fact that the light fixtures are the focal point of this bedroom, it seems like a perfect idea to opt for small and simple nightstands. These looks like repurposed cable spools and they give the room a cozy and warm look.


Modern interiors are often characterized by asymmetrical decors. Such a look can still be cohesive and tied together and this is a really good example. The bed features a headboard that extends to one side, leaving the other open and with only a nightstand.


Freestanding nightstands can be easily moved around and this means you can adjust the decor a little bit whenever needed. Also, if the nightstands are not in any way attached to the bed frame, they can replaced with new ones for a change of look and ambiance.


There are plenty of tricks you can use if you have a small bedroom. For instance you could opt for mirrored nightstands that can be quite big without making the room look tiny. This is a look that suits modern nightstands.


We like the simplicity and subtle diversity in this bedroom. The bed has a sleek wooden platform frame and the two nightstands have completely different looks and styles but somehow they complement each other and the decor perfectly.


If you want your bedroom to look glamorous but also cozy and welcoming, the attention to detail is really important. A shabby chic or vintage style could suit such a decor. The nightstands are an important part of the ensemble.


For a clean and linear look you could choose to give up the classical idea of a nightstand and to opt for something like this instead. A low unit forms an L-shape, doubling as a nightstand.


Pick a nightstand with a color that matches the wall behind it. This way it will blend in, allowing the focus to be on something else. This strategy is also useful if you want to make the room look spacious and open.


A fun idea can be to combine two totally different types of nightstands. For example, on one side of the bed you could have a sleek side table and on the other you could put one or two wall-mounted cubbies or shelves.


Symmetry can sometimes be beneficial. Although it’s usually a characteristic of traditional interiors, you can achieve a similar look in a modern setting. It’s easy to make a bedroom look symmetrical and the nightstands play an important role in this case.


Instead of occupying the nightstand with a table lamp, perhaps you’d like to opt for a floor lamp or a hanging pendant light instead and use the nightstand as a display are for an interesting sculpture or a vase.


We mentioned that wall-mounted shelves can replace nightstands for a less cluttered look. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have both if that’s what you want and if there’s enough space in the room.


Give symmetrical decor a try but don’t forget to be original and to customize the decor. You could complement the bed with two matching nightstand but you could decorate them differently.


We like the idea of hanging pendant lamps instead of the usual table lamp. They free up space on the nightstands and they can be positioned at the exact desired height.