Modern and Cool Wall Clocks That Favor Looks Without Neglecting Function

With all the recent developments in technology things like wall clocks don’t really make sense in a modern environment, strictly from a functional point of view. However, they gradually changed function and became more of a design statement than an accessory that helps us tell time. What we look for now on a modern and cool wall clock is an interesting design capable of standing out in a way that suits the rest of the decor.

Puntos wall clock

The beauty of the 2 Puntos wall clock is given by its simplicity. The frame is made of chromed steel with the hoops also available in calabo wood. It’s a clock that looks minimal and delivers in both function and style.

Modern nomon wall clock
Cool wall clock with a unique design from nomon

With a design similar to the 2 Puntos, the Barcelona wall clock is made of walnut wood with black fiberglass hoops. It’s more sleek and this gives it a very lightweight and graphical look. This simplicity also makes it really versatile.

Copper and gold karlsson clocks

There are also a few really stylish options for those that prefer a more classical look. This Cased Index clock offers exactly that: classical elegance in a modern shell. The metallic accents are also a nice match for industrial interiors.

Modern karlsson clocks

The classical elegance we mentioned before is also one of the defining characteristics for the Convex wall clock. It has a sleek metallic frame and a simple face without unnecessary embellishments or features.

Brown and white karlsson clocks
Black karlsson clocks

The name of this clock reflects its uniqueness perfectly. This is the On The Edge wall clock, a home accessory with a simple and elegant look and a fresh and quirky take on the classical way of displaying the numbers.

Green and blue karlsson clocks

Featuring a metal frame and a glass protective front, the Badge clock is versatile enough to integrate well in a wide variety of interiors and settings, from traditional to modern. It comes in several different colors, the dark blue being particularly trendy right now.


We find the very thin and sleek lines of the Dragonfly wall clock to be really elegant and sophisticated, being a perfect marriage between classical timelessness and modern minimalism. Like many other designs, it comes in several different colors.

Woodpecker Wall clock

This is a pretty artistic design with beautiful carved out details and a nature-inspired themed look. The Woodpecker wall clock brings us closer to nature in a charming manner. It looks really great on colored walls thanks to the contrast created with its white surface.

Collection of karlsson clocks
Black wall karlsson clocks
Marble style wall clocks from karlsson

There are many stylish wall clocks lined up here and we’ve already covered some of them. But what really catches our eye is the Marble Hexagon clock. Obviously, it’s a marble clock and it has a hexagonal shape with geometric grid pattern. Every clock is unique and both light and dark color versions are available.

Pale pink clock from karlsson Origami

We also find the Origami clock to be really interesting. The name is very suggestive. This is a ceramic wall clock with a design meant to look like a beautiful origami flower. This gives it a particularly delicate and gentle look, especially given the palette of soft colors it comes in.

Vitra Sunburst Asterisk Clocks
Contemporary clocks from Vitra

This is a collection of modern wall clocks from Vitra. They’re the legacy of designer George Nelson and they feature a variety of interesting forms, providing refreshing alternatives to conventional clocks.

Unique modern vitra wall clocks
Vitra wall clock collection

Clocks like the Turbine, Sunflower, Star, Triangle or Petal impress with their unusual and graphical designs and exquisite geometries. They come in a variety of materials and finishes and they’re equipped with high-quality quartz mechanisms.

Unusual Mechanism clock from schlumpf

The world of decorative wall clocks is full of unique and impressive designs like this one known as the Time Machine. This is in fact more than just a clock. It’s a kinetic sculpture that measures 2 meters in height. A pendulum moves back and forth being reminiscent of old clocks.

Qlocktwo digital wall clock

There aren’t that many digital wall clocks compared to the classical type. Still, there are quite a few options to choose from if you decide this is the style that suits you best. One of them is Qlocktwo that displays the name using words instead of digits. That’s quite the interesting way to make a statement.

piet hein eek tube clock
tothora wood collection of desk clocks

Don’t want to cover your beautiful walls with an oversized wall clock? There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. For example, you could always use a table clock instead. You could turn it into a decoration for your bedroom nightstand or one of the shelves in your living room or kitchen.

Bold green wall clock

As far as minimalism goes, this seems like a pretty sweet materialization of this style. These wall clocks take simplicity to a whole new level, getting rid of the digits and showing the time in a more abstract and playful manner.{found on tothora}.

rimwood walnut clock from umbra

Other wall clocks like the Rimwood designed by Alan Wisniewski keep things a bit more traditional. It features a walnut frame with an elegant rim and a black face with a matte finish and perforated numbers. The white clock hands stand out and contrast with the rest of the clock.

Perftime clock from umbra

Another wall clock that shows us how classical and traditional designs can easily take a modern turn is the Perftime which was also designed by Alan Wisniewski. Instead of the usual glass front, this one features stainless steel mesh which creates a really interesting look adding a fresh and fun twist to the design.

Cage wall clock from Umbra

A lot of clock designs take inspiration from nature or from very specific things like a cage from example. We’re actually talking about the Cage wall clock. It has a wooden body and a metal cage lens that protects the hands. The design is minimalist but strong and even a little bit dramatic.

Stainless steel wall clock

The Numbra clock is not at all like other wall clocks and that’s because it comes in pieces. The clock is made up of individual metal numbers that you can attach to the wall or to a canvas together with the central clock mechanism. Each number has a unique design and they all form a unique collage.

Ceramic wall birds clock

This is a similar wall clock although the design is based on a completely different concept. It’s a bird-themed clock that features lovely birds instead of numbers. They form a complete flight cycle.

Birds wall clock

Birds aren’t the only inspiring theme for stylish wall clocks. This collection for instance features beautiful black silhouettes of animals that cast shadows on the face of the clocks. There are no numbers, only short black hands.

White modern wall clock

This is the Guichet clock. It’s made of enameled ceramic and it has a really clean and fresh design with a lot of charm. It was designed by Inga Sempe and it has a pendulum, a feature reminiscent of vintage clock designs.