Small Side Tables Big On Style And Character

If there’s one furniture piece you can always add to a space even after you’re finished with the interior design that would be the side table. There’s always room for a small one not to mention that there are so many different types to choose from, each offering a unique combination of function and style. Small side tables are particularly versatile and easy to squeeze in pretty much any type of space.

Pebble - stool - sidetable with wood and mirrored accents

Meet Pebbles, a cute and a bit extravagant side table which could easily double as a stool whenever needed. Its design symbolizes the harmony between the exotic woods and hammered metal which are stacked like pebbles from a pond. The design definitely has a little bit of zen charm.

BGB side table 33kg weight

If floor space is not necessarily a big concern, that allows you to consider quirky and robust side tables such as the BGB. Each one of them is individually cast and finished in England and they come in three different finishes: polished bronze, polished white bronze and antiqued bronze.

Grace lily side table design

On the other hand, there are plenty of designs which are both functional and space-efficient. An example is the series designed by Tom Faulkner. Check out the Lily side tables which have unique, organically-shaped tops and sleek bodies made of patinated steel or bronze. The tables are available in three sizes and four different heights.

Wisp side table in different colors

The three-legged Wisp side tables are really sleek and elegant as well. Their design is simple and versatile, suitable for a variety of decors and settings. The tables have metal frames covered in fine leather which changes color naturally over time, gaining a beautiful patina. The tables are available in two versions, either with a round top or a rectangular one.

Bespoke Designs- hydehouse Side Tables

The side tables and pretty much all the furniture designed by Hyde House are defined by beautiful and exquisite combinations of materials, textures and patterns. The designs are based on interesting and elegant combinations of materials such as wood, glass, metal, hides, luxurious fabrics and others, all optimized to look glamorous and to enrich the spaces they are placed in.

Dexter Wire side table - stool

Consider a side table, a stool or even a wire sculpture…it can function as either one of these elements. We’re talking about Dexter, a multifunctional and very versatile furniture piece with a simple and playful design. Several of them can be stacked or linked, creating groups and clusters ideal for custom interiors and great for minimalistic interiors that need a burst of color or some graphical accents.

Brogue round side table with slim legs

When it comes to small furniture pieces or accent pieces such as side tables, the attention to details is often the most important thing. Take the Brogue table for example. Its design is a beautiful and harmonious dialogue between the three sleek legs with metallic tips, the delicate round top and that elegant leather strip which decorated its rim. The strip is handmade and features decorative perforations.

Splay side table with wire legs and marble top

A lot of side tables can double as stools, especially if they’re small. The Splay series includes a few such multifunctional designs. They’re characterized by playful and graphical forms and elegant materials such as marble and metal. Their asymmetrical steel frames coordinate with the wood or marble tops resulting in visually striking combos.

Casper cork stool - side table

We mentioned playfulness a few times and each time it was represented in a different way. The Casper series, however, has a more direct approach. Designed by Michael Sodeau, these quirky and fun side tables or stools, depending on how you want to use them, bring joy into the decors they complete and have a lot of character. Those two cute little holes that look like eyes are actually finger holes that let the user easily move around these corky things.

Michael Sodeau - Side Tables cork

The same designer (Michael Sodeau) also created a series called Art, Abe and Arne. The series is composed of multifunctional side tables made of recycled materials which also feature gaps for storage. The three designs look beautiful when grouped together but are also full of character when used individually. Any of these would make a great small bedside table.

Circaproducts Stool Side Table Industrial Design

The designs of the Angolo and Dizzy series by Circa Products may seem basic and simple at first but the manufacturing process behind them is actually quite complex. The designers use modern high-tech techniques and explore exciting options in terms of materials and finishes in order to obtain a series of exclusive side tables and stools.

Botti Side Table

Refinement and modernity are the two defining attributes of the Botti side table. Its gold-plated body and sleek shape are gracefully complementing its functionality. The table is made of brass and comes in two finish options: gold-plated and glossy black.

Gervasoni1882 Tree Stump Side Table

Some designs are beautiful by being simple. The Log tables, for instance, have designs that go back to the basics, exploring organic forms and simple lines. They reveal the natural beauty of wood logs and highlight their uniqueness.