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Terracotta Color: What Is It And How Do You Use It?

Terracotta doesn’t need much of an explanation. However, do you know what it is and how to use it? The hue it’s warm and organic it’s almost a necessity in certain regions that share rich, natural colors. Matching your abode with your scenery is an inspiring decision.

Even if you live in Alaska, you could still include terracotta colors for your mansion or tiny dwelling where they can be an inspiration for everyone. We will help you learn about terracotta, from different colors to designs to help you get started and leave you feeling content. 

What Is Terracotta Color?

What Is Terracotta Color?
Image from Authentic Custom Homes

The word terracotta translates into “baked earth” which is an accurate name. Terracotta is fired clay that has been turned into earthenware. 

The color has been used for thousands of years. The terracotta soldiers have been around since BCE, making them over 2,000 years old.

No one knows what the first terracotta creation was. However, we do know that we can honor them all by using the color of terracotta in our homes.

How To Make Terracotta Color

How To Make Terracotta Color
Image from Thompson Custom Homes

Making terracotta is easy. Start with a warm light brown and mix it with red. Brown should be the main color with being the off shade to bring it to its fullness.

When mixing, ensure that you are using paints with the same base and the same Sherwin Williams brand. Terracotta is available but if you want to mix your own, then this is how you do it.If not, you won’t have a problem finding it at a store.

Terracotta Paint Color Options

Terracotta Paint Color Options
Image from Lars Remodeling & Design

Sherwin Williams offers a few options. While it doesn’t have an exact code, there are a few codes and paint brands that can make any living area pop. 

All of the ones named “terracotta,” so you know that you’re getting an accurate representation.

BEHR Deep Terra Cotta – PPF-30

Terracotta Code: #8B483D

BEHR Deep Terra Cotta - PPF-30

BEHR is a nice brand for painting, but the tones are superb. Though they have a few options, Deep Terra Cotta is one of their best.

BEHR Terra Cotta Clay – M200-5

Terracotta Code: #D08F73

BEHR Terra Cotta Clay - M200-5

This Terracotta Clay is light and fancy, making it tasteful for kitchens and bathrooms. It also has a coral touch to it, so it can work well for a beach cabin, even if it’s located in the middle of a desert. Light some candles or get a vase and fill it with flowers and watch this room jump off the page.

Benjamin Moore Baked Terra Cotta – 1202

Terracotta Code: #b46a58 

Benjamin Moore Baked Terra Cotta - 1202

This medium color is Baked Terra Cotta, one of Benjamin Moore’s best terracotta options and greatest southwestern colors. A local store would have this, but most sellers carry it.

Valspar Terra Cotta Trail – 2005 -7B

Terracotta Code: #b28063

Valspar Terra Cotta Trail - 2005 -7B

Valspar is known for being a cheap brand of paint. Their Terra Cotta Trail is no exception. It’s soft yet earthy, and works well with different terracotta schemes. Check their site first before you do anything.

Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Terra Cotta – SW 2803

Terracotta Code: #975840

Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Terra Cotta - SW 2803

If you want something with more tones and far less blue, then this terracotta by Sherwin-Williams is a winner. It’s hard to find a store that sells a deep and rich shade with a strong red tint but this will take care of that. Check paint sites online for special offers and the price before you buy anything from your paint store.

Bonus: Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

This is more of a bonus because who doesn’t need more spray paint options? This satin spray paint comes in so many different shades, but one of its best is metallic Satin Terracotta. Sherwin Williams offers a selection of colors, but check their site first. A light terracotta code will look sharp.

Terracotta Color Palette 

Terracotta Color Palette 
Image from Rick & Cindy Black Architects

If you search for colors that will fit with a warm adobe look, then you need to checkout on the palette and create a palate scheme. A light terracotta color would be enough to make this pop.

These can help you find complementary for your walls:

Denim And Terracotta Palette

Terracotta Color Ideas dining room

Denim and terracotta can look good together. This trend began with fashion and it didn’t stop there.

There are many tones for denim and you can even mix and match them. When you do, an orange-tinted hue works best, but a toned-darker shade is a great muted combo. 

Terracotta Kitchen Color Ideas

Beige And Terracotta Color Palette 
Image from C-Reese Architectural Design

Beige and terracotta are a great duo that is safe and secure. You can choose a rustic beige no matter what shade you choose.

For best results, try sticking with a dark hue. Contrasting them is your best bet or the space can be overwhelmed with one tone. Start with light beige and dark terracotta. 

Colors That Compliment Terracotta

Burgundy And Terracotta Color Palette
Image from pinterest.

Burgundy is a soft dark hue and almost neutral. You can get by with using a shade of burgundy for your room. A deep burgundy with a similar terracotta can offer depth.

The two colors are related and can cross over to become the other color. So layering these can be tricky. But if you have an eye for subtle color then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Mint And Terracotta Color Palette

Mint And Terracotta Color Palette
Image from Big Chill

This is the beginning of using bold schemes. Mint is a safe bright color because it is also and sweet. One comes in many shades but a pale shade works best. It’s an image that your friends won’t forget.

Because it is warm and mint is cool, they balance each other. Try them in the kitchen or bathroom for best results as the kitchen, in particular, thrives on this type of balance. 

Wildcard: Teal And Terracotta Color Palette 

Wildcard: Teal And Terracotta Color Palette 
Image from Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Terracotta and teal are wonderful colors together but most people aren’t bold enough to try them. Teal is bold but terracotta can be a neutral of sorts. This is why they work together.

Having a bright color like teal paired with another bright color would be overwhelming and also a good sign in most rooms. But you can tone it down with something soothing and an image worthy of a photo.  

Terracotta Color Ideas

Terracotta Color Ideas
Image from Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

If you want inspiration, look no further that this terracotta wall color. These concepts are sure to inspire you until you’re content. Start small and work your way up to create your dream room with terracotta. Bring out your creative skills and give your space a country feeling worthy of a photo.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are one of the most natural and the easiest way to bring terracotta to your area. You’ll need to get a terracotta-colored pot or a real planting pot, which are easy to find. 

Paint The House

If you want to make a huge statement and make your dwelling blend in with the desert landscape, then consider painting your entire house until you are content. It doesn’t even have to be real adobe for you to paint it.

Paint the entire exterior of your house. For best results, use a different color of the trim like white, black, or something else that complements it, and ready for any photo opportunity.

Real Terracotta

Using real the deal is the best way infuse style into your home. Authenticity is something you can ever go wrong with, so be willing to add more authenticity to your home. 

You can get small sculptures or even chairs. There are items you can add to your home decor as the trend won’t be ending anytime soon.

Drywall Texture Terracotta 

Have you ever considered changing up your drywall texture? This is something that isn’t hard to do but can make a difference in how your home looks, at least in the space where you do it.

Use a textured texture and paint over it with a terracotta paint color. Then, the walls will look like real adobe while you didn’t pay more than $100 to paint the entire room or house.

Accent Tiles

Tiles are the most popular way to breathe life into your own home. Not everyone wants their entire floors covered in tile. You can make a sign with a few accents.

But what you can do is buy a few accent tiles and either place them in the midst of other tiles or frame them. If you frame tiles, they can be used as wall art or placed on a desk to add that extra layer of character. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest way to get that terracotta in without going overboard. You can add any number of them and your room will look tasteful. If you feel inspired and have access to shelves or a planter, then try those and see what happens.

Terracotta The Right Way

What color is terracotta? All over the world, interior design is about expression. You can add it in small forms or use it as much as you want, even if someone else isn’t content with it.

Express yourself, because in the end, this is your space and it should be for you, and those living in the home, and until you are content. When people visit or you have employees over, you can incorporate different themes for various occasions. The comfort colors terracotta offers should be the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are Some Exterior Paint Colors For Terra Cotta Tile Roof?

Gold and beige go well on with exterior paint colors for terracotta tile roof and stucco homes with burgundy tile roofs. Red tile roofs and stucco are Mediterranean elements that look good with tile that has an apple shade. Taupe with a green undertone is also a winning combination.

What Color Should You Paint Terracotta Pots?

To change the look of your pots, try spraying them with a buttermilk and moss solution to stimulate moss growth. However, another popular choice is green.

How Is The Terracotta Color Code Generated?

The color comes from the iron content in clay reacting with oxygen during firing, creating the rich, earthy tone. Variations range from apple to pale orange, to darker browns, and are made with 89 percent red, 45 percent green and 36 percent blue, with 70 percent saturation.

What Is The Best Way To Use Terracotta Bedding?

With this colored bedding, use texture to its fullest or until you are content. Touchable objects will make your space seem more personable and cozy.

Is Terracotta A Calming Color?

Yes, it has soothing and calming effect on interior spaces. The rusty tone is warm and will inspire images of Mediterranean nights. With this as the wall hue, you’ll notice a change in you mood and you want have to search for anything else for a long time.

Terra Cotta Color Conclusion

Terracotta will complement many thing in and outside of your home. It’s such a strong color and will have an impact on your home and its value.