Green Mint Color: A Graceful Shade For Indoor Spaces

People like the green mint color for its soothing qualities. Many colors compliment mint green. The mint green color palette may not be as easy to work with as other colors, but that’s why the vibrant shade is a perfect hue.  

mint color

Mint green is also cheerful color. However, as a vibrant shade, it’s also subtle. Here, we’ll show you why the mint green color is special. We’ll give you a few examples to inspire the color of your next kitchen makeover.

When combining mint green with other colors, a few safe options will ensure a crisp appearance. There are some colors that make mint green hue look better, so leave room for creativity.

RGB Values

The hexadecimal color code or "hex code" for mint green is #98ff98.

Before we continue, you should learn how mint green can create an inviting space. To do this, we thought it would be helpful if we provided you with some technical information. 

Mint green comes in various shades. And just so you don’t get confused, you should know the technical specs.

The hexadecimal color code or “hex code” for mint green is #98ff98.

The CMYK values for mint green are 66, 0, 24, and 29. CMYK is a color model whose initials stand for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. 

And the RGB values and percentages for mint green are 59.61 percent red, 100 percent green, and 59.61 percent blue.

Colors That Go With Mint Green

Feel free to let your creativity run wild and add any vibrant shade or hue with mint green. However, there are complementary colors for mint green that you should learn how to use.

To create a bold look, combine colors instead of following a design guide. However, for a tried and true approach, here are a few safe options:

Mint Green And White

Which Colors Go With Mint Green?
STUDIOrobert jamieson

White goes with everything. There isn’t a hue you can’t pair with it. There’s something special about a crisp pale mint green and white hue that helps a room achieve a level of freshness. When used in a bedroom, the colors bring out nature by providing a minty freshness.

Make sure the color isn’t dingy or it won’t create the same effect. Also, ensure the green color is real rather than minty blue green, or it could create a toothpaste effect.

Mint Green Color Tiles

Baby Blue and Mint for Tiles
Sogno Design Group

Light to medium blue is calming when comprised with mint green. In this case, a blue shade is different than other colors but the combo is almost perfect. 

Don’t let blue, a vibrant shade, outweigh green. You shouldn’t try to maintain the same lightness. Blue should be an accent color unless you choose otherwise. 

Rose And Mint Green

Rose Pink and Mint Vanity
Kimberlee Marie Interiors

You should learn how to use and work with this combo. A rosy pink hue is a wonderful color made even better by the mint color. Imagine a painted pink rose stem. That’s why the two work well together as they create a natural. look of freshness.

In a lot of art, rose petals are painted a crisp light blush pink, and some petals a minty green. Use the colors in a room to enhance the its value and make it almost perfect.

Mint Green Forest 

Beach Style Bedroom in San Francisco
Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Different vibrant shades of the same color types work well together. In this case, forest green and minty green are two such colors. Both shades offset each other with a green hue base balancing them to create cohesion.

You want to avoid saturation so be careful when combining more than three green colors. Add more and you may end up with a room that looks more like a sample box than anything else. When this happens, the result will be a perfect green hue.

Light Blue And Mint Green

Traditional Bedroom in New York
Scott Sanders LLC

There are types of light blue that can work even better with mint green than baby blue. With this case, mint blue looks like white from a distance. The closer you get, the more unsure you are of its true color.

When you see it up close you’ll learn how there is a hint of blue. The two colors are magical together and are better in person than viewed on TV.

Chartreuse And Mint Green

Chartreuse is a shade of mint green
Master Design Cabinetry

Chartreuse is an attractive, rare yellow-green vibrant shade. It isn’t used often because people don’t know what to call it. The color is unlike others, but it’s often mislabeled.

However, with chartreuse, be careful not to create a brown-green instead of a yellow-green. This can result in a less than pleasing color.

Beige And Mint Green

Traditional Bathroom in New York
Crisp Architects

Hints of beige can go well with the color mint green. Beige is not a touchy color and is often used as a base for a room. It works well with mint green.

Although any shade of green and beige is fine, you want learn how to create a perfect medium to light green shade. It’s also better to limit the beige instead of using it as a primary shade when the color mint green is added.

Coral And Mint Green

Transitional Bathroom, Richmond
 Craftmaster Homes

If the mint green is more blue than green then you can pair it with coral, one of the best colors to complement blue-green. This works much better if the two colors are bolder or brighter as coral is overpowering.

Using a pale color with coral will ensure the vibrant shade is not overwhelmed. The exception is a light blue because it’s one of those hues that work well with other single colors and various shades.

Mint Green Backdrop

Wood and mint green color for window bed

Yellow isn’t important, but staying away from the boldest neons is a good idea. Instead, stick with an old-fashioned yellow. When you do yellow, you can pair numerous small colors too.

A handmade quilt with many colors showcases other colors by using more yellow but still includes a variety. Use mint green as a wall color or furniture color to create this design.

Lavender And Mint Green

Lavender and mint green
Randall Perry Photography

Lavender goes well with various shades and cheerful colors. It works best when used with a single color. It is special enough that it needs to be noticed and it’s a shame when it fades in the background.

As a vibrant shade, lavender shines by pairing with the mint green color. The two may make you hungry remind one of cupcakes and macarons. 

Light Brown And Mint Green

Sandy Brown with green mint carpet
Nutter Custom Construction, LLC

Sandy colors are easy to match and mint green makes them perfect. The two together make a room look quite beachy and relaxing. You can add soft corals to this look or a soft blue to create a soothing effect. 

Since sandy brown can be found in wood grains and decor, you’ll learn how it’s a great addition. You don’t need to paint a wall sandy brown or get a large rug and design it around mint green.

Chrome And Mint Green

Farmhouse Kitchen in DC Metro - mint green traditional kitchen
Donald Lococo Architects

Chrome can be tricky but the chilliness of the mint green color goes well with the same tone from the chrome. Since chrome is most often found in the kitchen it is recommended to keep it there when using mint green.

The two look natural together. When combined, the effect produces a shiny new car appearance. You can add colors if you wish but keep it faded and to the background because it can be too loud.

Gold And Mint Green

Transitional Nursery in Orlando - Gold and mint green
Tina Marie Interior Design

When used right, gold is a cheerful color. Just because silver or chrome works well with the mint green color doesn’t mean gold shouldn’t be considered. Gold can look amazing with mint green even if it is a muted gold tone instead of metallic gold.

This is perfect for a nursery or even an adult bedroom. But don’t be afraid to use it in bathrooms and living rooms because these two rooms look amazing with gold accents when other rooms do not.

Slate And Mint Green

Transitional Living Room in New York - Mint green painted walls
Robert Granoff

Slate is another cheerful color. It’s as gorgeous as pewter and rich and attractive. It is found in furniture and art because slate is a natural stone color. You can even get a real slate to use with your mint green but it may be pricey.

Instead, stick with the slate color for your decor and work pewter into it as well, getting real pewter figures and art. If in the kitchen or bathroom, you can get pewter hardware that looks amazing with mint green.

Red And Mint Green

Traditional Kitchen in Chicago Painted in Mint Green
 Chi Renovation & Design

Most reds will do but retro red or bright red are best. That’s because it counteracts the coolness of the mint without adding the heat of a scarlet red. Retro red looks great because it is often used with the mint green color.

Red was popular during the mid century movement. This is ironic considering how the red and white combo is now “traditional.”

Teal And Mint Green

Tropical Family Room in Miami With Large Accent green mint wall
Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

Aquamarine and teal are crisp colors and compliment mint green. The colors offer a seafoam look when paired with green. The two are a dynamic duo when combined, depending on your theme.

Teal by itself is a cheerful color. Changing the tone of teal or mint green can change the interior design and freshness of your room. Let your creativity fly and experiment with paint colors or decor items until you find the perfect match. 

The Right Color Combo

The Right Color Combo

Feel free to adjust color combos according to your personal taste. Someone must be bold and brave to create a new trend that catches on like wildfire.

Why not be that person who starts a trend and bask in the attention of being a leader. If you’re on social media, like Instagram, then share your designs and let us know your new dynamic mint green duo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Colors Go With Mint Green?

Colors that go with mint green include white, beige, violet, and royal blue. For monochrome interior designs, black and white works well, especially in kitchens.  

How To Make Mint Green Color?

Basic color theory offers the necessary tips to make mint green. Mix equal parts blue and yellow to create green. Once you have your green color, to make it lighter and achieve a mint green color, add white to lighten it until it is pale.

What Does Mint Green Color Mean?

Mint green color represents tranquility. Many people believe it has a calming effect.

What Does The Mint Green Color Make You Feel?

Mint green color, or a muted/pastel shade, represents tranquility to many and has a calming effect.

Why Is Mint Green Color A Popular Kitchen Color?

Homeowners with all-white kitchens who want a color to offset the space are choosing the mint green color. As a cabinet color, mint green offers a shade that isn’t too bright. The color has a calming feel 

Green Mint Color Conclusion

Mint green color comes in various shades, so be careful when mixing the color. As the color is becoming more popular in kitchens, people are also discovering how versatile it is.

A cheerful color can go a long way when painting a bedroom or game room. Unlike other colors, the green mint color will leave an indelible impression. Before you commit to it, make sure it’s the right choice.