How To Use A Calm Wallpaper To Create A Serene and Relaxing Room Decor

Wallpaper is wonderful because of the immense number of designs and patterns that we can choose from. It’s probably safe to say with wallpaper you can create any sort of decor. But let’s talk specifics.

calm wallpaper

There’s plenty of designs out there that are super colorful and fun and busy which is cool if you want something bold and vibrant. But what if you want to create a serene and calm interior? Well, there’s plenty of calm wallpaper designs as well as we’re going to take a look at a few right now. 

A few tips on how to achieve soothing decor:

First, let’s check out a few more general design tips that can be useful when creating a calm and relaxing interior. Some are quite obvious and you’re probably well aware of them and some may inspire you to apply these ideas in your own home improvement projects. 

Let the light in

It goes without saying that good lighting is key if you want to create a space that’s serene and relaxing. In fact, natural light can make anything better and that’s a good rule to follow in general. Of course, artificial lighting plays a very important role in interior design as well. Some subtle and dimmed lights can make a space look super cozy and inviting in the evenings. That paired with plenty of natural light in the mornings can turn a room into your favorite space to be in. 

Emphasizer a nice view

If one of your rooms has a nice view you should definitely take advantage of that. Even a view of some tree canopies can look amazing in the right setting. The entire room’s decor can be based on that and the view and sit front and center. Large windows are obviously a great choice in this case but in case you can’t really change their size there are other ways around this. As a general idea, make sure nothing else steals the attention away from that lovely view. 

Pick the right color scheme

Another obvious element that often dictates how a space looks and feels is the  color palette. Nuances such as blue and green are better than others at creating a calm and relaxing mood. That can actually also be said about muted and pastel colors in general. Work with them in layers and combine them in ways that are pleasing to the eyes. 

Get rid of clutter

Even if you don’t necessarily realize it, cluttered spaces are stressful and not at all relaxing and calming. Being an organized person really pays out because it means keeping the clutter at bay is natural for you. Either way, if you want your home to be serene and calm you should take some time to consider all the organization systems and solutions that can be implemented. Try to make it easy and natural for you to stay organized by coming up with a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

Add texture

It’s not just color that has a big impact on the mood of a space. Texture and other sensory-related elements also play an important role here. Try to engage the senses more and to make a room feel relaxing and calming in multiple ways. Use soft and pleasant textures, muted colors, perhaps even a lovely scent to create a more immersive experience. 

Keep it simple

It’s easy to get carried away when designing and decorating a space. However, too many details can lead to overdesigning an area and that can have a negative impact on the way in which this area is perceived. By trying too hard to make a room look serene and relaxing you can end up actually doing the opposite. Keeping things simple is a good idea most often than not. 

Make the room feel spacious

Tiny spaces don’t usually feel very calm and relaxing and that’s because there’s simply not enough space and there’s too many elements in one area. With that in mind, try not to clutter a space with too much furniture or too many decorations. You can also expose the windows or use mirrors to give the impression of a larger and more open space. 

Calm wallpaper interior design ideas

Birch trees and neutrals

Calm Birch trees and neutrals

Birch tree wallpaper patterns are pretty popular at the moment. They’re appreciated for their simplicity but also for the fact that they allow us to bring nature into our homes in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced but rather artistic instead. This design from Nextwall would look beautiful in a bedroom but there’s plenty of applications for it when it comes to other spaces as well. 

A simple textured pattern

A simple and calm textured pattern wallpaper

If you’re thinking that a wallpaper design that’s simple and neutral would give your room a more calming and relaxing feel that would be right. This design from Gracie Oaks may not be very bold and vibrant but it offers something special: a tactile beauty. The texture combined with the muted colors that it comes in make this design quite wonderful. 

A geometric pattern with a twist

Calm geometric pattern with a twist

Geometric patterns and designs are really versatile, especially since there’s so many different variations and options to choose from. This particular wallpaper design by Foundry Select is more special than others. It’s not meant to have perfect lines and angles but rather to have this imperfect look which gives it more character. 

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature calm wallpaper desing

Designs and patterns that are too specific don’t leave much room for the imagination. Something more simplified and a bit more abstract on the other hand would be better in this sense. With that in mind, we find this wallpaper pattern by Bay Isle Home to be quite inspiring. The pattern is reminiscent of bamboo stalks but could easily be interpreted in other ways as well. 

A nautical design with a playful touch

Calm nautical design with a playful touch

Speaking of designs that nurture the imagination, doesn’t this wallpaper pattern by Breakwater Bay make you think of all sorts of fantastic tales? Yes, it’s a pretty simple whale design but there’s something about it that’s very calming and relaxing. Perhaps it’s the association we make between whales and the ocean waves and its magnificent blue color.

Soothing colors and trees

Calm wallpaper with Soothing colors and trees

Blue is one of the best colors to use in interior design if your goal is to create a relaxing and calming ambiance. This bedroom accent wall by Julia Wong Designs gives you an idea of how great blue can look when paired with a beautiful wallpaper pattern inspired by nature. 

A very subtle and artistic pattern

Calm wallpaper with A very subtle and artistic pattern

It’s quite true that wallpaper patterns that are very bold and eye-catching can become overpowering and are thus not great if you want the atmosphere in a particular room to be calming and serene. A subtle and barely distinguishable design on a muted background color can turn out to be just right in that case. Take this dining room by interior designer Michelle Yorke. The wallpaper is subtle but the fact that the walls isn’t just flat and monochrome really makes a difference. 

Abstract patterns and muted colors

Abstract patterns and muted colors

There’s a combination of design strategies used in this living room by Butter Lutz Interiors in order to make the space look bigger, brighter and more inviting. The colors are light and muted, the windows are big, there’s also a big mirror and a wallpaper design that’s simple, abstract and subtle. All of these elements combined give the room a relaxing and welcoming look. 

A fun design for a boring room

A fun design for a boring room

The laundry room is not the most exciting space in the house but that doesn’t mean it should look boring and basic. In fact, you have a wonderful opportunity to come up with a creative design for this space. A nice option is to play with some patterns. Use wallpaper and tiles to add character to this space. 

Earthy colors and warm materials

Earthy colors and warm materials

Wood is a really great material that can be used in interior design to make areas feel warm and welcoming. It’s commonly used as a flooring material but its influence goes beyond that. Check out this beautiful wallpaper design used in this bedroom by Cynthia Hayes. Doesn’t it remind you of something? 

A simple and elegant aesthetic

A simple and elegant aesthetic

If you want to make a space look bright, serene and tranquil but at the same time you also want it to look elegant, try a geometric wallpaper, something similar to this. It’s simple and it stands out but at the same time it’s fairly subtle due to the choice of colors. 

Layers, prints and patterns

Serene Layers, prints and patterns

Diversity is also helpful when designing a space because it gives you multiple options and strategies to choose from and to combine. For instance, use a combination of textures, finishes, patterns and prints to add layers to your design. A nice example is this lovely lounge corner area designed by Douglas VanderHorn Architects. This wallpaper really suits the decor and the mood. 

A stylish backdrop

Bedroom wallpaper with A stylish backdrop

There’s multiple ways in which a wallpapered wall can contribute to a room’s overall appearance and ambiance. In the case of this elegant bedroom by Joei McIntire Design the wallpaper helps to put an emphasis on the height of the room. It also creates an elegant and stylish backdrop for the bed and all the decorations that went on it. 

Wavy stripes and delicate colors

Wallpaper with Wavy stripes and delicate colors

Here’s another instance where the wallpaper design adds a lot to a room. This kids’ bedroom designed by House of L has a fairly simple and symmetrical structure and the colors used for the carpet, walls and furniture, in general, are subtle and neutral. The wavy lines on the wallpapered wall bring more color into the room and really turn this surface into a focal point. 

Unexpected beauty

Bathroom wallpaper with Unexpected beauty decor

Wallpaper is not just for living rooms and bedrooms. You can also use to add more style and beauty to areas that don’t usually get a lot of attention, like the bathroom. This can be an opportunity to turn this area into a serene and calm space and to create a wonderful experience.