How to Design with Mystical, In-Between Colors

Those strange yet interesting in-between colors like green-gold or grey-lilac seem subtle but they can have a great effect on your décor. Here are some great ones to try on your walls.

Update Your Neutrals!

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Neutrals are Classic but They Can Also Be Trendy

Your background color in a room doesn’t have to remain a commonly used neutral shade, such as white or beige. By adding influences of other color palettes, you can achieve something a bit more intriguing that won’t interfere with the rest of your color scheme.

Grab some Green

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A Twist on the Popular Décor Color

Green is a popular color in décor so while you are using it in your upholstery, don’t forget the walls. A slight green-gold color is a great idea, especially in a room that requires a splash of elegance. The beauty of this in-between color is that you can design the room around it depending on the shade that you want to highlight. For instance, gold trimmings will bring out the gold; indoor plants or more intense shades of green will highlight the emerald in the wall. You can also play with lighting to bring out different elements of this mystical color.

Get ‘Greige’

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Two Neutrals Make a Right

Admit it: sometimes grey and beige can seem a little dull on their own, especially when we have so much emphasis on color these days. However, if you need a neutral wall the two shades can work exceptionally well together. The effect is modern and sophisticated. Your must-have décor tip: Mix neutrals to create a brand new and exciting shade!

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Neutrals Set the Stage for Boldness

A great upholstery trick when designing with neutrals is to choose patterns that complement or contrast the color combination on the wall.

A Blue Freshness

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White with a Hint of Blue

White is always popular for the walls, but let it enjoy a bit of refreshment with a small tinge of blue. This can make a room appear renewed and rejuvenated. The color is perfect with other white accessories or bright colors, as can be seen in the image above that features pink cushions.

Tone Down Purple

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A Pinch of Purple

Purple might feel a little too dark on the walls, but it can be toned down into a neutral shade that works well with your décor color scheme. Adding grey or white to purple can transform it into a lovely lavender, slotting it nicely into the neutral category.

Bursts of Green in Grey

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Subtle Yet Powerful Color

Another great color combination to try is green and grey. This updated neutral is especially powerful when it contains elements of blue. It makes your walls much more interesting and yet it is still subtle enough to work as a background color.

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