Home Decor Colors Inspired By Vacation {Part 1}

Smooth ocean blues and the silvers of the city, what if you used your most fun family memories as inspiration for decorating the home. We all love vacation. We relax, we explore and we create lots of memorable moments. So, take from those memories and use them to color the house. We’ve rounded up some amazing tones that scream holidays in the sun and European adventures, take a look and become inspired.

1. Ocean Blues.

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Everyone loves a vacation at the shore. The sand in your tones and the salty breeze running through your hair, blue is the color of the ocean. It’s relaxing, calming and creates serene vibes for your home. Why not use that big, vast piece of water to inspire your bedroom, kitchen or home office?

2. Arctic Whites.

Grey bedroom

Skiing in the Alps or taking a sled ride throughout Jackson Hole, the crisp whites of the snow is perfect for adding chic style to your home. A lot of people get scared of using too much white, but you’d be surprised the way a bright white can open up and expand your home. Be bold!


3. Mobile Reds.

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Whether it’s Mickey Mouse’s shorts or the London buses, red hot reds are vivacious and dramatic. Whether you decide to accent your living room or dip a nook in this incredible color. It’s loud, it tells a story and all you’ll think about is that red Jeep you took to drive out on the beach with the top down!

4. Tropical Orange.

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Fresh cut mango or colors accenting the beach resort, there’s something tropical and lively about a lively orange shade. It mixes well with other bold colors like cranberry and turquoise. If you’re looking for something to make a statement without being over-the-top, try out a tropical tone. It’s fresh and inspired by the beautiful colors of a tropical Caribbean escape.

5. French Pinks.

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Have you hopped on over to Paris lately? Romantic pinks round out the boutiques and at night, you’ll see the lights shining over the Eiffel Towers in a blush hue. Take that beautiful, warm pink and sprinkle it around your home office, craft corner, breakfast nook or even in your little one’s bedroom!

6. City Silver.

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The hustle and bustle of the city is exciting. You can shop, you can explore restaurants and see amazing shows. But you won’t be able to ignore the shining silvers of the skyscrapers. It’s contemporary and classy. An entirely stainless steel kitchen or lots of shiny accents in the foyer could really bring out that sparkle and shine of a NYC trip!

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