Flexible integrated workstation by Matthew Plumstead

When you have a small home it’s difficult to manage to have all the furniture pieces that you want in that tiny space. Instead of having a multitude of pieces cramped in one space it would be wiser to opt for multifunctional, flexible or convertible pieces of furniture. For example, if you need a desk or a place where you can work, you could take into consideration this integrated workstation.

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It was designed by Matthew Plumstead and has a flexible construction. The workstation features all the essential components of similar pieces of furniture but it also has an addition. It’s a daybed. This unit incorporates a piece designed for home offices and one for bedrooms or living rooms. This makes it the perfect combination for most homes, especially small ones. It provides maximum flexibility and this is vital in a small room. But there’s one more thing that makes it so wonderful: its size.

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This integrated workstation has a very modest footprint. It can be included in a corner of the bedroom, in a small space in the living room and it can even be useful in small home offices. The two pieces that form this unit, the desk and the daybed, have contrasting colors that allow them to each stand out. The desk is simple and the daybed is cozy and comfortable. It’s a wonderful office mix.