Feeling Blue?

Are you feeling blue? Well, an injection of the colour into your home can turn that frown upside down. Blue on blue is a great interior trend for 2013. You may think using one colour is boring. But in fact, it is quite the opposite. It’s a lot more powerful to see one overall colour and because of the wealth of different shades of blue available it presents you with a heap of possibilities.

Blue bedroom

Blue is a great colour for any room. When you think of the colour blue your mind often casts to the sea or the sky. These are both elements associated with relaxation.

Blue dining table chairs

This is why blue is used a lot in living rooms and bedrooms.In fact, research deems it to be beneficial to the mind and the body. The colour produces a calming effect and thus is ideal for those who need to de-stress after a difficult day at work. If you are looking to create a tranquil and serene atmosphere blue provides the perfect basis.

Blue walls drapes playroom

Blue feeling room

Nonetheless, dark blue tends to take on a different meaning and is generally associated with masculine styles. You will notice that a lot of businesses use blue in their colours. The reason for this is because it is associated with knowledge and power. Thus, dark blue would certainly be a recommended choice for any home office space.

Another blue living room

Office wall

Obviously it can be extremely difficult to have every single feature being entirely blue. Thus, the key to emulating a dominate blue colour scheme is to simply add doses of neutral colours if you need to. For example, pearl and silver works really well with a light steel blue. It evokes a very lavish feel and is reminiscent of the ocean. Alternatively you can incorporate dark wood for more of a traditional and rustic feel. This works well to generate a warm and homely atmosphere.

Blue room design

Another way of creating a striking blue colour scheme without giving yourself a headache is through concentrating on the walls and keeping the elements in the room simple. Paint all four walls a striking blue colour, such as teal or cobalt. Then keep the elements in the room minimalistic and neutral. This works particularly great in areas like the bathroom whereby simplistic designs coincide with the room’s requirements.

Blue bathroom

Room decor

And last but not least, an easy way to break up the room is to use patterned cushions or curtains. A blue and white floral patterned pair of cushions or striped curtains keeps the theme going but it adds another dimension to it as well.

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