Dipped in Lime: Monochromatic Rooms

Green is invigorating and it packs a punch without becoming over-the-top in dramatics or posh flavors. It’s down-home, yet trendy and versatile, even when the entire room has been saturated with lime tones. Lets take a peek at some rooms that have been dressed in this lively color, shall we? Here are some of our favorite green, monochromatic rooms. Get inspired!

1.Victorian, Trendy.

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The ombre effect, mixed with Victorian pieces and trendy patterns, this green bedroom is infused with a lively attitude and a breath of fresh air. That’s what a bit of green can do.

2. Hipster, Century.

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by Gaile Guevara 

Green holds a bit of hipster style without adding an accent or accessory. But when you adds those two important elements when decorating, it’s quite easy to create a very, this century-driven nook for the home.

3. Subtle, Homey.

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by Garrison Hullinger

Sometime it’s nice to have a space in the house that just feels like home. Stray away from neutral browns and blacks and instead lighten up that room with a bout of breathable greens. The space is welcoming, homey and yet, still very alive.

4. Organic, Natural.

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by John Cole Photography

The kitchen should always feel spaced out and thriving. Dress it in a soft shade of green for a relaxed, comforting vibe that’s not only gorgeous to look at but natural and organic in feeling.

5. Thrifted, Fancy.

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Take a bit of thrifted items, add a dash of emerald and lime and you’ve created a fancy living room on a dime’s budget. The green adds that lively spirit you need for a gathering spot and the fun pieces adds a personal sparkle.

6. Refreshed, Invigorating.

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With the right shades of green you can create a bedroom that not only puts yourself at ease but refreshes your soul, day in and day our. It’ll be like a burst of fresh air every time you walk into the room.

7. Clean, Crisp.

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As is yellow, green is a favorite of mine in terms of choice bathroom colors. Dressing your bathroom in green allows you to feel crisp and clean on every arrival.

8. Country, Cottage.

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Green is the perfect shade to fill your porch or patio with. It pays homage to the outdoors but it also reflects a cool, country vibe as well.

9. Spirited, Vivacious.

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You can always take that dipped in lime title to heart. Dress your kitchen in the brightest shade of green you can find for an enriching, spirited space! This one is gutsy.

10. Dainty, Shabby Chic.

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by  Kelly Berg

Soft shades of green mixed with bits of lime, this delicate bedroom is a girl’s paradise. Although there isn’t a stitch of pink in site, the shabby chic nature is right on trend and dainty enough to invoke a sense of girlish charm.