Different Moods of Blue

Looking to make something peaceful? Something energetic? Something classy? I’d like to recommend that you consider the color blue. Sure, if it’s used carelessly in large amounts in its most primary shade, blue becomes the visual representation of over-the-top predictability and all things juvenile. But the truth is, blue has as many faces and moods as it has hues. Cool and serene, vibrant and warm, historical and subtle, there is no emotion that the correct shade of blue can’t convey.

Blue room themeView in gallery

Preppy & Nautical: This might be the most obvious, stereotypical face of blue – think stripes, anchors, and plaids. However, the space below uses a bold royal blue in a fresh, sophisticated way. What keeps the space from reading as “juvenile” is the juxtaposition with whites and light green, the varied patterns, and the spaces between blue items. Blue is punctuated throughout the space, but it is carefully tempered with light spaces.

Blue wall shadesView in gallery

Energetic & Creative: Vibrant and varied shades of aqua, used in delightful patterns and forms, keep the space below looking fresh and unexpected. From the glossy aqua rhino’s head to the navy diamond chair to the turquoise wooden chair and chevron afghan, diverse objects are loosely unified by their color. Though the space itself is fairly monochromatic, the creative use of color (individually and collectively) makes it come alive.

Metallic light blue white bedroomView in gallery

Restful & Serene: Stepping into the softer realms of dreamy bluey-greeny-greys, blue plays a significant role in the restfulness of the space (below). Paired tastefully with other light-reflective surfaces (i.e., glass, metals), the blue bedroom exudes a quiet airiness.

Sophisticated girls roomView in gallery

Comfortable & Casual: Bright and light-toned blues, when mixed with cheerful, everyday furnishings and accents (such as the brightly colored books and lime bamboo chair, below) results in a friendly and welcoming space. The pleasant blending of vintage pieces (e.g., the throw pillow, daybed upholstery, light fixture) with modern (e.g., artwork, streamlined lines of shelves and furniture) helps everyone feel at home in this cheery space.

Living room blueView in gallery

Elegant & Sophisticated: Pale blue is the perfect backdrop to showcase elegant details, as seen in the space below. The beautifully curved lines of the space’s architecture (e.g., ceiling beams, arched doorways and shelves) and furnishings are maximized visually against a sophisticated mid-toned blue. The color adds dimension to the space but allows the neutral lines to take a visual lead. Pops of fuchsia are the perfect proverbial “cherry on top.”

To set the mood of nearly any space, don’t hesitate to consider blues – the perfect shade of blue will inevitably add depth and a sense of purpose.

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