Decorating With Nautical Accents: Ideas & Inspiration

Whether your sprucing up for the summertime or you love the year-round feel of being at the beach, nautical accents are a fun way to bring a unique, fun touch to your home. We’re not talking about completely re-designing your bedroom or bathroom for fit this water theme, but instead just adding a few, simple accents to the corners of the house for a fun-loving, stylish vibe. Check out these nautical accents and gather some ideas and inspiration for you to use yourself!

1. Blue & White Stripes.

Striped blue white room

A subtle way to pay homage to he nautical ways is to use a blue and white stripe pattern. Whether it’s on the walls, linens or even the furniture this is a quintessential sign of this beachy vibe. You don’t even have to add any symbols but rather keep it minimalistic with the pattern! Of course, adding a bit of red can only make it pop even more.

2. Some Starfish.

Striped blue white room

You’d be surprised what a couple of starfish can do for your overall ethos. Throw them up on the wall in the nursery to make your nautical theme come full circle or place them on the counter in the bathroom for such a sweet and simple touch of the ocean. It’ll make sense if you’re already using some of these ocean accents but never be kitschy or over-the-top either.

3. Nautical Stars.

Striped blue white room

It’s so easy to add these to the room and design without going “overboard.” A decal hidden in the light fixture or placed just above the bed can be a fun way to hint at sailing in the wind while doubling as a piece of wall art or easy decor piece. Keep it neutral with blacks or whites on a darker wall.

4. Small Anchors.

Striped blue white room

Mixing an anchor, a sailboat, the blue and white stripes and even a pinch of red may be too much for your style but if you just want a small hint of nautical flair to make your room fresh, then add a small anchor (or even a print). The beds in this rooms don’t scream theme  but the sheets with the white anchors are just enough to keep it fun and light.

5. Sailing Maps.

Striped blue white room

Use framed nautical maps as pieces of eclectic wall art. Use fun frames and even vintage maps you ay find at a thrift store to keep things interested and less “pristine” than the usual nautically decorate room. Make an entire collage even for a unique take at the typical decor!

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