Ways To Craft Felt Flowers And Then Use Them As Decorations

Felt flowers are easy to craft and they’re so versatile you can basically use them in all sorts of great projects. Also, there are numerous different ways of crafting felt flowers so you can pick the project according to the difficulty level, looks, etc. here are seven DIY felt flower projects for you to try.

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To make a stylish felt flower like this one you’ll need scissors, fabric adhesive, craft felt in two contrasting colors, one for the flower and one for the back, a needle and thread and some thin cardboard. If you want to turn the flower into a brooch, for example, you’ll also need a pin.{found on notmartha}.

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This project is a bit simpler but just as pretty. The supplies needed for one flower are: a full piece of precut felt, a button, a hot glue gun and a pin. Use a cup or something similar to trace circles on the felt. You need six circles per flower for the petals and a smaller one for the base. Fold each circle in half and then fold a corner to make a triangle. Fold the other corner back to an S and then put a bit of glue on each side to hold it in place. Center the triangles on the base circle and attach them with glue. Then add the button at the center.{found on befickle}.

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These flowers are also easy to make and they’re quite versatile too. Use some felt, fabric glue, pin backs, cardboard and embroidery floss to craft them. First decide how big you want the flower to be and cut a piece of felt, fold it in half and glue the edge closed. Cut little slits into the folded part and roll the flower up gluing it along the way. Fluff it in place once the glue is dry. Then attach the cardboard and the pin and feel free to embellish the flower however you want.{found on infarrantlycreative}.

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There are plenty of creative ways to use felt flowers in your home’s interior décor. For example, you can make a large felt flower and turn it into an accent pillow for an armchair. Make it as big as you want and decide on a color or a pattern.

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Or perhaps you can make a sort of hybrid felt flower which you can use as a seat cover for a chair. You can combine three of more colors, create an ombre design or come up with a whole new look and design.

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A few big felt flowers can simply be used as decorations around the house. They look really chic here and the wall-mounted elk head is eye-catching as it is. But the felt flowers could look cute in numerous other decors as well.

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Use felt flowers in different colors to decorate an accent wall in the kids’ bedroom. You can attach them to the wall and combine them with decals to create an interesting 3D design. Similarly, you can use felt flowers to decorate the cabinets, shelves and other units.