Coral and Navy: A Match Made in Heaven

Complementary colors blue and orange are often paired together for a beautiful effect. It should come as no surprise, then, that slight variants of the colors – specifically, coral and navy – can be paired for an equally striking combination. I think this is due in large part to the freshness of coral and how it brings life to classic-yet-dark navy. Whatever the reason, this color combination is both impactful and inspiring. Consider the following examples:


Modern nursery room

If you’re on the waterfront, this combination couldn’t be more perfect. Both coral and navy here are used as accents to a bright color palette. Lots of whites and natural and wood tones provide a fresh foundation from which the colors can pop. A variety of throw pillows in both coral and navy (including solids, small prints, and large patterns) is the perfect focal point…if you can tear your gaze away from the breathtaking window views, that is.


Modern nursery room

Coral and navy both graciously fill the role of “accent colors” in this aqua-walled entry. The varied sizes of pattern (e.g., a delicate coral chevron and a bold navy-and-white stripe) keep the two colors from competing with each other or the wall. Complete with lots of neutral other elements, such as the brass-trimmed flower mirror and nesting tables, muted framed artwork, and geometric rug, the colors bring an unabashedly friendly vibe to this already cheerful space.


Modern nursery room

A bold coral upholstered headboard paired with muted blues is a lovely and exciting juxtaposition in this classy bedroom space. While navy is used sparingly here (it’s confined to being the minor color of two pillows’ trellis print), it provides just enough dark tone to help the moody blue-grey walls transition into (and work well with) the bright and spunky coral elements. What a perfect bedroom space!


Modern nursery room

While navy doesn’t usually exude femininity, a brighter version of the color helps to pull the look off in this home office space, where girlish coral hues abound. This lighter navy tone grounds the space that’s otherwise filled with youthful pops of pinky coral. I like how the vertical lines of the chair mimic the vertical lines of beadboard. Plus, the tweediness of the armchair provides an important textural element to all the sleeker surfaces. This color combination creates a delightfully creative workspace here.


Modern nursery room

Unlike most of the previous spaces where navy and coral serve as accents, navy abounds in this sophisticated nursery space. The navy geometric rug, deep wall color, and simple pleated crib skirt are all unexpectedly chic touches to this child’s space; however, to keep things lighter, the coral plays an important role in breaking up the darkness and adding pops of joy. After all, it’s never too soon to introduce children to stylish interiors, is it?

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