Give Your Home a Fresh Look with a Pink Front Door

A pink front door can be an excellent way to add a unique and eye-catching element to your home’s exterior. Pink doors make a definite statement. Pink front doors are also surprisingly sophisticated and versatile. From the palest blush pink to deep rose, pink front doors are having their moment in the sun.

Why Choose a Pink Front Door?

pink front door

Deciding on a pink front door is a bold move because it is outside the norm, but this may be just the statement you want to make. Pink doors more than any other color show off your personality. A pink door says that you are a person who is spirited and has a whimsical side, someone who lives life just a little on the edge. Pink front doors do not just show off your playful side, they present a welcoming appearance to guests.

Pink front doors do have a downside. Unlike its close cousin, red, pink doors are not a timeless choice, so they may not be the best option to enhance your curb appeal with potential buyers. Painting your front door pink may be a better option for someone who is planning on being in their house long-term. Thankfully, this is a quick fix. With just a weekend’s work, you can transform your front door into any color you wish.

Choosing the Best Shade for a Pink Front Door

There is a wide variety of pink shades that you can use for a front door. Because pink is such a unique color option for front doors, it is worth taking some time over choosing an appropriate pink shade.

  • Consider the style of the home – The pink shade that you choose should complement and enhance the style and architecture of the house. For example, a soft blush pink front door may look fitting on a simple clapboard farmhouse, while a brighter pink would complement a contemporary style home.
  • Look at the surrounding homes – Even though a pink door is an uncommon choice, it helps to create cohesiveness and goodwill with the neighbors to try to complement the surrounding colors.
  • Consider the landscaping – The landscaping colors outside the home can help guide your choice of a pink shade for your front door. A warm peachy-pink shade may work well if your home is surrounded by greenery. If your home is surrounded by more neutral-colored landscaping, a bolder pink may inject a splash of needed color.
  • Think about the mood you want to create – Different shades of pink produce diverse emotions. Bolder pink colors like fuschia create energy and excitement and softer pinks like blush give your home a relaxed and cheerful vibe.

Best Paint Colors for Pink Front Doors

Best Paint Colors for Pink Front Doors

Pink paint colors vary widely. You must test the paint color with the appropriate sunlight exposure to determine a color you like. Bright sunlight will wash out the color of the paint and make it less vibrant.

Pale Pink (9696) from Sherwin Williams

Pale Pink is a light and delicate shade of pink. It is an ideal color if you want a subtle and soft blush pink. It has a hint of warmth but also a touch of gray to keep it balanced and sophisticated. It has an LRV of 80, so this is a color that reflects a significant amount of light.

Rosetone (1186) from Benjamin Moore

Rosetone is a muted and soft pink shade with an earthy tan undertone. These warm undertones make a more adult pink. It will appear more pink or tan depending on the light amount and quality. It has an LRV of 60.

Setting Plaster (No. 231) from Farrow & Ball

Setting Plaster is a shade of pink with medium intensity. This pink shade has a delicate orange undertone, which gives it some warmth. The intensity of the color is muted with the addition of gray. The addition of gray gives the paint a timeless and refined quality.

Mellow Coral (6324) from Sherwin Williams

Mellow Coral is a warm pink with medium intensity and strong orange undertones. This is an overall calm shade of pink, but it does bring more intensity to a home’s exterior than a delicate blush pink. This color can look more pink or orange depending on the sunlight exposure. Be sure to test it outside. The LRV for this color is 51.

Mauve Mist (1264) from Benjamin Moore

Mauve mist is a pink shade with medium intensity. This pink has cool purple undertones but with significant amounts of gray that mute the intensity of the color. The LRV of this color is 36.

Pressed Flower (6304) from Sherwin Williams

Pressed Flower is a medium-toned pink color. It has distinct warm undertones. It pairs beautifully with other warm tones like brown, beige, and gold, but it is balanced enough that it can work with cool tones like blue and gray. While it may look more orange in some sunlight, it remains firmly pink rather than a coral. It has an LRV of 34, so it is the darkest pink on this list.

Pink Front Door Ideas

Check out some ways that other designers and homeowners have used pink front doors to enhance their homes.

Blush Pink Front Porch

pink front door
Ethos Interiors

A Queensland veranda that has it all, a blush pink door, fresh white siding, and a rocking chair. This combination is both welcoming and whimsical.

Coral Pink Front Door

pink front door
Maureen Stevens Designs

A coral pink door adds a touch of playfulness to this elegant New Orleans front porch. The vibrant color provides a vital contrast to the deep black iron railings and navy shutters.

Fuschia Pink Front Door

pink front door
Collaborative Interior Design

Update your house with a front door painted in a rich fuschia. This is a daring choice, but it works well with the simple dark home exterior color scheme.

Modern Pink Front Door

pink front door
Emma Brown Design

Give your home’s entrance an unexpected boost with a pink front door. This delicate pink front door helps to relieve the severe style of the contemporary house.