20 Best Beach-Inspired Paint Colors for a Coastal Atmosphere

Beach-inspired colors range from vivid yellows that mimic this sun to soft sandy beiges that pair with everything. We’ve rounded up 20 coastal paint colors from top brands that can help you inject your home with the perfect seaside atmosphere. 

Beach-inspired Paint Colors To Try Yourself

Best Beach-Inspired Paint Colors

1. Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) is a muted blue-green. It pairs well with whites, grays, and other cool colors. Use it in rooms where you want to evoke a calm, relaxing atmosphere, like bedrooms or bathrooms.

2. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154) is a classic navy blue that works in coastal-style homes as a dramatic accent or cabinet color. It pairs well with white for a crisp look but also coordinates with light grays and tans.

3. Valspar Coastal Villa

Coastal Villa from Valspar is a medium brown with a cool undertone. It looks good in rooms with light flooring and pairs well with natural materials like rattan and jute.

4. Behr Surfboard Yellow

Behr Surfboard Yellow P280-4 is an energetic paint color that draws inspiration from hot sand. If you’re trying to inject energy into your beach house, use Surfboard Yellow as a wall or accent color.

5. Sherwin-Williams Sand Dollar

Sherwin-Williams’ Sand Dollar is a light, natural brown that works well for modern coastal design. It pairs well with natural materials, hardwood floors, and white accents.

6. Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass is a blue-gray color that can add freshness to your walls without overpowering the space. Consider using it for the living room or kitchen and adding natural accessories and black accents.

7. Valspar Aqua Glow

Aqua Glow is a bright aqua, perfect for those who enjoy color in their home. It can work as an accent color or to infuse energy into a room. 

8. Behr Seagull Gray

Behr’s Seagull Gray is a light gray with cool undertones. Use it as a neutral and pair it with shades of light and green-blue for a muted coastal atmosphere.

9. Sherwin-Williams Tradewind

Sherwin Williams Tradewind is a light marine blow that’s energetic without being overpowering. Use it on your interior or exterior or as an accent on doors and trim.

10. Benjamin Moore Coral Reef

Coral is a classic color in beach-inspired residences, and Benjamin Moore’s Coral Reef 012 adds a punch with its orange undertones. 

11. Valspar Beach Blanket

Valspar’s Beach Blanket is a cool blue-green that works well as exterior paint on a beach house or as a pop of color in the interior. It pairs well with beige, white, and natural materials.

12. Behr Coastal Beige

Behr Coastal Beige is the perfect shade for neutral lovers. It’s a light beige with a yellow undertone that mimics the color of sand. Pair it with other earth hues for a coastal room.

13. Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed

Rainwashed is a top choice for those interested in calming colors. It’s a serene blue-green fit for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other relaxing spaces.

14. Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray

Benjamin Moore’s Gentle Gray is a pale blue with a gray undertone. Use it on accent walls, ceilings, and in bathrooms for a light pop of color.

15. Valspar Seashell Orange

Valspar’s Seashell Orange is a pink hue with an orange undertone. It’s a top pick for exterior paint, doors, and accent walls. Pair it with bright white for a fresh contrast.

16. Behr Offshore Mist

Offshore Mist is a calming blue color with yellow undertones. It works as a wall color and pairs with white, gray, or darker shades of blue.

17. Sherwin-Williams Drift of Mist

Drift of Mist is a light taupe and a true neutral. If you’re looking for a main wall color for your coastal-inspired home, this one will work. It pairs with warm and cool-tone colors for easy mix and matching.

18. Benjamin Moore Caribbean Blue Water

Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Blue Water is a dark turquoise. Use it as a cabinet color, ceiling color, or on an accent wall. It pairs with coral, white, light gray, and light blue.

19. Valspar Morning Haze

Valspar Morning Haze is an interior/exterior light blue-gray color. It coordinates with cool brown hues, pinks, corals, green, and blue.

20. Behr Coastal Fog

Behr Coastal Fog is a very light gray blue that works as an all-over wall color. It’s provide a light backdrop for deeper accents and pairs well with natural wood floors, rattan, and jute.