A Guide to the Purple Aura: Shades, Meanings, and Layers

A purple aura represents spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities. It’s associated with the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is responsible for an individual’s state of enlightenment. The purple aura meaning varies depending on the shade, which relates to an individual’s emotional state and personality.

Purple aura meaning

Significance of the Purple Aura

The purple aura is a symbol of transformation, mysticism, and psychic abilities.


A strong purple aura suggests a strong connection with the spiritual realms. The color can also signify that someone is seeking a deeper purpose in life or exploring the mysteries of existence.


Purple is associated with the Third Eye chakra in the middle of the forehead. It connects dreams, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. People with purple auras are perceived as having wisdom beyond their years and a strong personality.

Psychic Abilities

A purple-aura person is a deep thinker. They may perceive the world from a location outside their physical body. While not every person is “psychic” in predicting future events or reading minds, they have heightened empathy and strong instincts.

Shades of Purple and Their Associated Traits

Different shades of purple offer insights into an individual’s emotional, spiritual, and mental states.

Light Purple

A light purple or lilac aura is associated with strong intuition, imagination, and vision. Lilacs are more in tune with others’ feelings and thoughts, which makes them understand and help others. The softness of the lilac color can also suggest a calm and balanced personality.


A lavender aura is linked to creativity and imagination. People with a lavender aura are drawn to higher dimensions, which gets them caught up in daydreams and fantasies. Lavenders are gentle and calm and love to play.

Lavenders can seem irresponsible and emotionally fragile. They thrive in careers that need creativity, such as art, teaching, writing, and design.

Dark Purple

A dark purple aura represents deep spirituality, transformation, and healing. A dark purple aura can signify that you’re in a difficult situation or making a decision that doesn’t resonate with your inner self.

Individuals with a dark purple aura should explore their experiences and feelings through self-reflection. Meditation and counseling are crucial in the healing process.


Violet is often associated with the crown chakra, perceived as the center of spiritual connection and enlightenment. People with a violet aura are visionaries and seek answers to all aspects of life.

People with this aura color motivate and uplift others to their highest potential. Such individuals identify opportunities and set trends for the future.


Indigo aura individuals are spiritual and intuitive. If you’re an indigo aura person, you may find yourself drawn to the environment and people around you.

According to The New Age concept, an “indigo child” has special traits and, sometimes, supernatural abilities.

Layers of the Purple Aura

The purple aura consists of different layers. Each layer correlates with a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Physical Layer

A purple aura in the physical layer might suggest high energy levels or an active lifestyle. When a person is in a good state of spiritual health, it positively impacts their physical health. A purple aura might suggest the individual possesses a deep inner strength.

A purple aura also shows in the physical layer when healing from a physical ailment. It may also signify that one is undergoing a significant physical transformation.

Emotional Layer

People with purple in their emotional aura are sensitive and capable of deep empathy. As such, they’re easily affected by the emotions of those around them. This sensitivity might be a strength but can also be overwhelming if not managed.

Purple aura people should manage their emotions to maintain a healthy balance of their emotions and spirituality. Also, these individuals tend to be more introverted than those with fiery-colored auras.

Mental Layer

Spiritual beliefs influence a purple-aura person’s thoughts and decisions. A purple aura in this layer might also imply an imaginative and creative mind. Such individuals are visionary thinkers with a strong sense of ‘knowing.’ They’re able to see unconventional or innovative solutions to problems.

Astral Layer

The astral layer is connected to love, friendship, and interaction with others. Those with purple auras form a deep, spiritual connection with like-minded individuals. They find fulfillment in helping others and often prioritize other people’s needs ahead of their own.

The Etheric Template

In the etheric layer, purple represents a strong spiritual or intuitive influence on the physical body. It suggests a strong spiritual purpose or the presence of psychic abilities.

Celestial Layer

The celestial layer, or the sixth layer, is related to the Third Eye chakra. The chakra handles intuition, memory, and imagination. A blue and purple aura signifies clarity and balance in spirituality, dreams, and strong intuition.

The Ketheric Template/Causal Layer

The Ketheric template connects all the auric bodies and represents our connection to the universe. It also represents a strong intuitive or psychic ability, wisdom, and understanding.

Other Aura Colors: Red, Blue, Gray, Green.