Color Design Ideas with Black Furniture

Black is a powerful and dramatic color but somehow it doesn’t seem that intimidating on furniture. Black furniture is actually very common. This, however, doesn’t make it less difficult to work with. You have to be very careful when choosing the rest of the colors to be used in the room.

Neutral tones.

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Black furniture works well in combination with neutral colors such as beige or ivory. You can also get creative with the black and white combo and create some really interesting designs featuring bold patterns or minimalist juxtapositions. But if you do decide to use neutral shades, it’s best to only use one tone and to use textures or patterns to break the monotony.

Bright and vibrant colors.

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Another options can be to combine your sleek black furniture with bold and vibrant colors such as green, red, yellow, etc. however, since these shades are as striking as the black featured on the furniture, you should use them only as accent tones. For example, you can have an accent wall painted a really bright color or you can opt for bold curtains and throw pillows. If you plan on having black outdoor furniture, then nature will provide the perfect colorful background.

Textures and patterns.

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A room with black furniture could definitely use a few pops of color but if you prefer to keep the palette simple, then you can use pattern and texture to make the décor stand out. You can have striped walls or a really nice area rug. There are lots of ways in which you can take advantage of this concept.