Bouquet Decorative Soap

Normally soap is used for washing your hands. You simply wet it and wash your hands after making some foam or bubbles. It is fun and effective. The germs are killed and the dirt is washed away. But sometimes you can also use soap for making a room, especially the bathroom, smell nice. I remember that my grandma used to place some lavender soap between the sheets in her wardrobe and it always smelled so nice in there. What about using a soap for decorative purposes? It’s a totally new concept, but it’s interesting and creative. Look at this soap! Isn’t it very nice-looking? It is the Bouquet Decorative Soap.

DSCN2655 bouquet soap

This special soap is covered with felt wool and has some flowers designed on top. It is soft and it has a very beautiful flavour. You can simply use it as decoration for the guest room or for a bathroom in a hotel or hostel or something similar. It is soft thanks to the felt wool, so you can use it as a pin cushion, too. This soap is available in two designs: peach with green leaves and a flower on top or moss with white and peach flowers. You can order one such soap now for $14.