Blue & Whatever: Classy Color Combinations

It’s amazing to me that the color blue is so versatile. It can be paired neatly with nearly any color, it can stand alone, it can read as juvenile or ultra-sophisticated and anywhere in between, it can be harsh or the ultimate comfort. Below are some examples of successful color combinations that involve the color blue…probably successful because the pairings have been around in nature forever!

Blue & Brown.

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Maybe because it ultimately reminds us of the beach, this color combination tends to read as natural, comfortable, and, relaxed. Soft, plush textures throughout the space is welcoming and family-friendly. Skirted sofas and ottoman paired with exposed legs of furniture is a nice visual contrast; I especially like how the stripe lines of the rug play off the contrast piping of the major furniture pieces. This looks like a lovely, warm space.

Blue & Orange.

Blue white design

As natural complementary colors (directly across from each other on the color wheel), blue and orange have been a lovely pair since color was born. This space provides a unique take on the combination, pairing a deep orange with a lighter grey-blue. I love how the differing hues bring out the earthiness that abounds in the rest of the space space. The space is simultaneously luxurious and familiar, which is not an easy balance to strike.

Blue & Yellow.

Blue white design

A perfectly classic, perfectly country color combination, a blue and yellow space wouldn’t feel the same without the other classical component: floral and stripes. The soft-spoken ceiling-to-floor patterned drapes gently add a lovely blue element that pairs perfectly with the buttery yellow. This combination makes the dining room cheery, familiar, and sophisticated all at once.

Blue & Green.

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Reminding us of the magic of children romping on the grass under blue skies, this color combination is energizing, youthful, and fun. Pale blue walls keeps the space fresh, while richer tones of lime green maintain freshness but add depth. The striped valance and buffalo check pillow also keep things comfortable. The floral ottoman at the foot of the bed adds a nice contrasting pattern as well as overall sophistication. This is an excellent color combination for many spaces but particularly kids’ bedrooms.

Blue & White.

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Of course. Like fluffy cumulus clouds adrift in a blue summer sky. Who could overlook the timelessness of this lovely color pair? Few things look more crisp, more fresh, or more inviting than a tastefully done blue and white space. The inherent nautical vibe, perhaps from sea and white-capped waves, from gauzy blue curtains and brass accents, brings a feeling of structure while the colors themselves bring a feeling of ease.

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