Winter Inspiration: Colors of the Season

We’re in the thick of it now. Cold temperatures, snowy dusts, bulky coats and scarves wrapped around our heads; it’s winter! But, it’s also a new year. So, you may be wanting to update and refresh your space with sparkling colors and vibrant new decor. Take just a peek at our lists of scrumptious, beautiful colors to dress your drab cold weather blues with and give yourself some new and improved winter inspiration.

1. Mulberry.

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Purple with a touch of hot pink infusion, we love the brave and daring look of this sophisticated shade. Use this to accent a more subdued room, or be bold and create a wonderful accent wall in your favorite space. Take note, this tone looks incredible with bouts of chartreuse.

2. Marzipan.

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This yellow has a bit of its own glow. It’s nothing too harsh on the eyes but still is very illuminating, especially when paired with creamy blues or creams. I’d be using this on the walls of my kitchen or bathroom, for a fresh, new year feel.

3. Leather.

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A bit of brown never hurt, especially something with such a soft, neutral foundation. We love simple brown shades, like leather, paired with pastels and something even jewel-toned like emeralds. Jazz up the master bedroom or even the living room with a brand new case.

4. Husk.

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A more delicate shade of healthy green, husk can set off a cottage-esque home with a homey, relaxing vibe. We love it covering the breakfast nook and even in the guest room. Make sure to pair it with something more alive, like blush pinks or powdery blues.

5. Denim.

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Everyone loves blue and blue loves everyone, especially when you’ve got such a pure shade. In absolutely any room, paired with any type of accent or color combination, denim blue takes flight.

6. Asphalt.

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A more feminine shade of the blackets blast, asphalt is the more sophisticated accent of them all. A classic in it’s own right, finish off your new home office, dining room or formal living room with something this trendy.

7. Wasabi.

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Green breathes life, no matter the shade. And we love a rich shade of wasabi. In the kitchen or on the porch, a natural color will always bring a bout of lively, organic beauty to the space.

8. Barley.

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Not too pure and neither creamy, but more of a white with a pinch of blushing, barley is a great way to revive a room. If you’re a lover of neutral tones that are still bright and vivacious, barley make be your ticket to a fresh winter escape.

9. Saffron.

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Rich and warm, this vibrant shade of yellow is anything but dull. Brighten up a space or use it to transform your space into something spectacular and themed. From Victorian inspired to Moroccan flair, a saffron accent can do the trick!

10. Grape.

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Deep, pure purples always add a majestic, royal touch. Paired with gray hues and pure whites, you can create a bedroom made for lots of R&R, but when paired with mustards and chocolate, you’ve got yourself an outside-the-box, quirky space too.

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