What Color Should I Paint My Media Room?

Are you confused about the color to be selected for painting the media room walls? Well, it is doubtless that the selection of the right color of the media room is very important.  The right color can simply enhance the movie viewing experience.

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Selection of the color for the media room is totally dependent on the type of media room you have. In simple terms, it depends on the characteristics of the projector installed in the room along with your specific requirements. For media rooms that are built to offer actual cinema effect, darker colors are the ideal choice because dark colors shall minimize the reflection of the room lighting as well as the projector light. This shall allow one to concentrate on the screen without any sorts of distraction. However, it is also very important to consider the tint of the color. Dark colors that are extremely vibrant should be completely avoided such as true greens, blues and reds. This is because, it is assured that there will be some reflected light of the ceilings and walls, and the reflected light would pick up the tint of the color and reflect it back on the main screen.

So ideally the best dark colors are the neutral ones such as grays, browns or flat black. Red can also be selected because the red color light reflected from the walls will be absorbed by the surfaces that come in the path and the light shall scatter.

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The finish of the color should also be given equal importance as the shade selection. Paint colors with the glossy finish should be completely avoided. This is because glossy surfaces are known to be highly reflective. As a result, the light will bounce off from the walls and ceilings and directly lower the contrast of the projector. Ideally, the right finish to be selected is a flat finish or non reflective matte finish. This way you can lower the chances of light being reflected back on the screen.

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On the other hand, if the media room features a television in the open then you should stick to dress the walls in light colors. The light color shall spruce up things and brighten up the area. In addition, the home theatre set up shall also stand out. Colors such as bright grey, lime yellow, soothing yellow or aqua blue would be the correct selection.

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