How To Discover Your Personal Home Decorating Style

Even if all the home improvement magazines will suggest you to adopt a certain home decorating style, that certain style – whatever it might be related to – might not suit you 100%. For example, take a look at the new home decorations magazines: most of them are presenting minimalistic furniture and decorations, or expensive houses. Though, in their pursuit of finding the most interesting house, and presenting the most accessorized house, they are always forgetting something that is vital for their magazines: the fact that their clients might not feel comfortable in such a house, no matter how accessorized would that house be.

So, how to discover your personal home decorating style?

It’s simple: think at the things that would make you feel 100% comfortable once that they would be placed in your house, and there you have it. Forget about the traditional way, the minimalistic style, the Victorian decoration style and so on. Let’s choose the minimalistic style: in most of the cases, even if the furniture is fully functional, it is more than expensive and also, even if it looks extremely well, it is far away from being comfortable. However, for the people that aren’t using their kitchen too much, this style might be the one for them, especially if they are willing to pay a fortune for it.

Now, it’s obvious that in some cases, your personal home decorating style might not be exactly what you are in need off. But in this case, you can compile the items from your house so you can get a nice and good-looking residence that would fit both of the styles: as an example, if you would like a modern household, and yet, you have children, modernism wouldn’t be suitable, as children would probably destroy every part of it – we all know how they are -. Though, you can decorate the house according to your needs, and insert some modern art accessories, items that will certainly change a bit the style from your house.

Lastly, keep in mind a golden rule of the decorations: no matter how it would look in your house, no matter if it’s a trend to have a specific item or it is just an item from a popular designer, if you don’t like it, don’t go for it, as you would soon realized what you’ve done and throw it away. Even if a thing might be cheap, but if you like it and it would fit your home and your personal decoration style, then that is the one that is the proper one for you.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 12th, 2010


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