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10 Stylish And Comfortable Upholstered Bench Ideas

Welcome to the world of benches: a furniture piece that was associated with outdoor furniture for way too long! Today, benches can easily blend into the interior of your home and we are going to talk about one of the most elegant and practical choices that serve such a purpose: upholstered benches.

How to Use Them

Upholstered benches are exactly what they sound like: benches made with a wooden or metal support and that have seating areas covered in upholstery made from different types of materials and fabrics (ranging from leather to polyester). These benches allow you to get really creative with placements, as they can be used as:

  • Dining room seating: If you have a rectangular table, you can place two benches on the long sides, providing a unique way of seating down at the table. It makes up for an interesting and unconventional décor. The wide variety of upholstered benches currently available on the market will make it easy for you to mix and match them with the existing dining table chairs you already have.
  • Bedroom seating: An upholstered bench can be placed at the foot of the bed and offer additional seating space for putting on your socks, for example. Additionally, you can take advantage of such a bench and throw a few decorative pillows on top to create that extra element of coziness in the bedroom. Upholstered benches can also replace vanity accent stools and chairs.
  • Hallway benches: Having a bench in the hallway is a great idea because it gives you a comfortable and elegant seating space where you can put on or take off your shoes without having to stand on one leg to do so (which cause most of us to lose balance). But a hallway bench can be more than just a spot for sitting on while fiddling with shoes: you can use it as a decorative piece as well. If you opt for an upholstered storage bench, you will get a hidden storage spot for different kinds of items.
  • Living room benches: Having an upholstered bench in the living room is a great idea because it acts as a bench, ottoman, decorative piece, and even leg support for when you want to create a comfortable relaxation space while sitting on the sofa/armchair. Since there are so many upholstery fabrics and colors to choose from, you can get really creative with your living room bench choices. Some people love these benches because they can throw books on top and use them as more unconventional shelves. There really is no limit to what you can do with an upholstered bench if you just use your imagination.

Choosing an Upholstered Bench

We are not going to get into details about fabrics, designs, and how you can mix and match furniture and colors, but we are going to talk about the objective issues and implications of choosing an upholstered bench. That means that before you go shopping for one, you need to consider the following:

  • You need to measure the space for the bench. These benches are available in a wide variety of sizes, and it would be a real shame if you bought one that’s too small or too big for the space you want it to fill. For example, if you have a Queen-sized bed and you want an upholstered bench that goes at the foot of the bed, you need to find one of the exact same length or it will probably look ridiculous/get in the way if it’s too long.
  • Then, you will have to consider the main purpose and location of the bench for more space unity. For instance, if you want a hallway bench where you’re likely to sit on when you come home and have dirty clothes one, don’t pick something with light shade fabric upholstery and definitely don’t choose something like a white faux fur bench. If you have children and want upholstered benches for the dining table, consider how easy/difficult it is to remove potential stain from the upholstery. You may be really careful around the bench yourself, but your children likely won’t be as careful.

Top 10 Stylish Upholstered Bench Ideas

Victoria Faux Leather Flip Top Storage Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

We start off our list of products with an upholstered bench that will be the envy of every glam-house homeowner around the world. It is a practical and stylish piece of furniture, covered in faux leather with a silver finish that stands as an absolute eye-catcher. The polished cariole legs are one of those details that make the product look amazing, but the crystal button tufts are nothing to sneeze at either. This upholstered bench is made from hardwoods and plywood and is designed to double as a storage space. The top side can be opened to reveal hidden storage that’s perfect for whatever items you need to get out of the way. Overall, this bench measures 17” H x 38” W x 16” D and has a total weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Molimo Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

You know those vanity accent stools that are perfect for makeup tables and bedroom that need that fluffy element embedded into their décor? Well, what if you had a faux fur upholstery bench to complement that design? The Molimo is that product: an upholstered bench that can be placed at the foot of the bed and which can also double as an ottoman in times of need. The faux fur sits on top of birch wood, which is also exposed in the sleek and elegant legs. The bench measures 18” H x 48.35” W x 19.25” D overall and can support a total weight of 100 pounds.

Sands Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

The Sands upholstered bench is a more elegant choice for room where you want that linen upholstery to stand out as it is elegantly fixed to the wooden base with nailhead trims. The topside is adorned with button tufted accents that show you how linen fabric is easy to work with and can be turned into something elegant and stylish. The base material of this bench is birch wood, with six supportive legs that end in casters for easier movement (translation: you can change your mind about the placement of the bench at any time and move it with ease all by yourself). There are different upholstery choices for you to opt for, including pink and charcoal linen, mink, or tan velvet. You also have two size options: 50” W x 19.63” D x 17.75” H or 62” W x 19.63” D x 17.75” H.

Darius Upholstered Storage Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench


The Darius bench is a product that provides everything you need from a 2-in-1 product: it has a simple but elegant design that relies on the combination between fabric upholstery and storage space concealed by the flip topside. You can opt for either the navy blue or the sand version, both of these being made from polyester fabric. The elegancy is brought forth by more than just the simplicity of the design and it is accentuated by the button tufting that lies on top of the bench. The bench measures 18.8” H x 50.3” W x 19.29” D overall and provides you with 11.5” H x 46” W x 15.5” D of interior storage space.

Carroll Genuine Leather Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

Perfect for industrial and minimalistic interior setups, the Carroll bench brings forth a metal base with a leather top. However, that is the simplest way to describe this bench, as there are plenty of other details worth mentioning. First of all, we’re talking about a top made from genuine leather, which says a lot about the quality of the product. Then, we have the tubular metal frame that can support up to 250 pounds in weight, which is a lot more compared to other types of upholstered benches. The design of this bench allows you to store different items underneath and this is where you can get really creative. Whether you place it in the hallway and have your favorite shoes tucked underneath or it stands as a living room piece with plants or other decorations items under it, this 17.5” H x 55” W x 17.5” D is definitely worth the buy.

Sara Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

The Sara bench is a product that looks so unique, it kind of difficult to describe it without getting too much into the beauty of rustic-looking wooden furniture pieces. This accent bench comes with rolled wooden armrests that are lost into the solid wood base. The tufted seat cushion is a blend of comfort and elegance, whether we’re talking about bedroom or hallway exposure. The classic details of the Sara bench can’t be ignored, just as the floral carving on the base. The French country design makes this piece perfect for room with plenty of light, especially in similarly-styled houses. Overall, this upholstered bench measures 26” H x 46” W x 16” D.

Colin Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

At the border between traditional and modern, as well as simple and sophisticated, we find Colin. This upholstered bench combines a beautiful wooden finish with a seated area supported by six legs and offering plenty of seating space. If you put a couple of throw pillows on top of it, you end up having a furniture piece that’s perfect for both decorative and practical seating purposes. The light beige polyester upholstery is made with button tufted accents and it perfectly continues with the solid wood gray base and legs. The bench measures 47” W x 19” H x 16” D.

Bullington Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

Maybe not the wisest of names for upholstery benches, but one of the best designs we’ve seen so far: that’s one way to briefly describe the Bullington. Made with upholstery velvet and metal legs, the green fabric with golden finished legs is one of the most beautiful combinations we’ve come across, making it seem like some sort of emerald jewelry piece turned into furniture. If you’re not a fan of green, you can opt for one of the three other available upholstery colors, such as lavender, navy blue, or black. Measuring 16.5” H x 31” W x 15” D, this bench has a total weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is amazing considering the slim design of the metal legs compared to overall heavy appearance of the bench itself.

Fiske Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

The Fiske upholstered bench is the kind of product that you simply have to sit on every time you see it placed in a room. It is a beautiful and comfortable bench that could easily fit at the footrest of the bed. It is available in a wide variety of upholstery colors, including red, teal, beige, and gray. The upholstery is made from polyester fabric and feels very cool to the touch. It comes with button tufts for added elegance and durability. The ends of the bench are elevated but a bit too short to act as comfortable arm rests. Measuring 21” H x 73” W x 22” D, this bench can support a total weight of 662 pounds, which is utterly impressive to say the least.

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

Bianchi Upholstered Bench

The Bianchi bench is a masterpiece, and to the untrained eye, it looks very much like a sofa. The details and design of this piece of furniture will allow us to close the list with a kick, as you are going to love this product if you’re into unconventional furniture. Covered in linen blend, this denim-style bench comes with a solid and tall backrest and measures 41” H x 55.5” W x 29.5” D overall, being one of the largest products on our list for today. The dark-colored upholstery is complemented by the light nailhead trims. The button tufted accents are present here as well, but this time they are placed on the backrest and not the seating area. In the end, you get a classic-style bench with contemporary elements.


When you’re ready to spruce up the place with an upholstery bench, we have good news for you: the market is flooded with them! Whether you want a vintage-style leather upholstery with dark brown wooden legs or you want a more modern velvet upholstery with slim metal legs, there is an upholstery bench design out there for every home and every taste. You just have to be patient enough to look.