20 Ultra-Modern Laundry Rooms That Fit Into The Most Contemporary Homes

When it comes to the laundry, organization is key and style is a bonus. Even when you’re cultivating a home with the sleekest of fashions and ultra-modern flair, your laundry room or closet can fit right into that forward-thinking genre. The colors, the coordination, the accessories and more can all fit into a functional but fun scheme. So, let’s take a peek at some laundry room designs that fit into the most contemporary of homes!

1. Traditionally Modern

Traditional modern laundry room

Here’s a great example of a traditionally modern laundry room full of amenities but also slick style and functionality. It’s clean, it’s organized but it’s also as chic as you can get.

2. Monochromatically Modern

Monochromatically Modern Laundry

Prim, posh and all white, this laundry room has delicate and contemporary style sprinkled all about. We love the addition of the sink and the woven baskets overhead as well.

3. Trendy Modern

Trendy modern small space laundry area with subway tiles

Check out this slick trendy and modern laundry room with a design that works well inside urban, studio apartments or small homes. It’s got a bachelor pad feel as well, perfect for those youthful visions.

4. Urban Modern

Urban black laundry room

There’s something really sexy and urban about this laundry room. It could be the black and white duo giving it an ease and timeless feel or it could be that super snazzy backsplash.

5. Galley Modern

Gallery laundry room

Check out this galley laundry room design made with a brightened and open modern style. Everything has a place and the de-cluttering  is so easy with a scene such as this.{found on marsdenbr}.

6. Eclectically Modern

Eclectically Modern Laundry

A personal favorite of the bunch, we’re loving all of the textures surrounding this laundry room. Who knew such a chore-driven space could be so fashionable and fun?{found on nestandlaunch}.

7. Glamorously Modern

Glamorously Modern

How beautiful is this blue-dressed laundry room? It’s got a glamorous vibe, lots of texture and a modern sheen that’s full of extra posh appeal.

8. Cottage Modern

Cottage modern laundry room

Dip your space into both a modern mix and a cottage style like you see here. With a bit of pistachio green and the right accents, you can cultivate something really beautiful.{found on blog.scoutandnimble}.

9. Peekaboo Modern

White laundry room with a modern design

How much are you loving this hidden washer and dryer set? This is perfect for those trying to save space and those trying to create a super slick and modern style throughout their home.{found on retreatdesign}.

10. Scandinavian Modern

Scandinavian modern laundry room

We have another blue accounted laundry room here but this one is polished with a bit of Scandinavian influences. We are loving the backsplash, the floor tire and the white foundation.

11. Largely Modern

Large laundry room design

For extra-big families check out this large and in-charge laundry rooms that’s full of both function and style. It’s a gorgeous room but we also love how the need is utilized.

12. Retro Modern

Retro modern laundry wih red washing machines

Here’s a laundry room that’s both modern but has a punch of retro infusion as well. With the red appliances and checkerboard floor, you’ll create a timeless and youthful place to get your clothes clean.{found on hgtv}.

13. Masculine Modern

Masculine modern laundry

Now we have another great design that fits the bill for both those with modern visions but also those that have smaller spaces. It’s got a metro, masculine charm about it as well.

14. Texturally Modern

Texturally modern laundry

Look at all of the wonderfully textures that are coming to play here in this space. From the walls to the floor, it’s a modern mix of style that makes a fashionable and functional room.{found on greigedesign}.

15. Mixed Modern

Mixed modern for laundry room

There’s some vintage inspiration here, traditional values and a lot of modern infusion. We love this mix of contemporary styles and how well it works throughout the space.

16. Beachy Modern

Beachy inspired laundry room

Check out this laundry room and its beach-like vibes spread throughout the entire space. The creamy tones create a beautiful foundation and the cabinets keep all of the necessities concealed and organized.

17. Chicly Modern

chic modern laundry room

Just looking into this laundry room one can’t deny its slick and chic finish. White, shining cabinets and a balance of space for hanging and folding, it’s the perfect mix of usability and style.

18. Relaxed Modern

relaxed modern laundry room

With the gray tones and subtle accents, this laundry room is filled with charm and a relaxed essence. But, thankfully, it’s designed in a way that fits contemporary minds.

19. Sexy Modern

Glamorous laundry design

There’s a certain amount of sexy that’s being infused into this laundry space. Just look at that sparkling backsplash making the chore of folding clothes a little more fashion-forward.

20. Futuristically Modern

Grey laundry room

The best way to describe this silver-dipped laundry room is futuristic because that’s what the design screams. And because of that fashion-forward design, your modern homes will mesh quite well within it.