Try the fairy tale atmosphere at Oakville Estate

Everybody loves fairy-tales, especially kids. These are wonderful stories with princes and princesses that live in impressive palaces and are the protagonists of all sorts of incredible adventures. Perhaps you already imagine that you are the leader of a famous kingdom and that you live in an elegant and sophisticated palace that has numerous rooms that you have already forgot their number.

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Your dream may become reality if you become interested in such an incredible and attractive Oakville Estate which is located in Canada and has a sale price of $16,500,000.Here the u-shaped building has a the design of a French castle. Even the interiors make you think of the famous and impressive Palace of Versailles. All the seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms are beautifully decorated so that everything looks like a piece of art. The ceilings, the walls or the pieces of furniture have all sorts of ornaments with different floral prints which make the ambiance warmer and joyful.

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Here there are floor to ceiling windows, a huge and beautifully decorated fireplace, a lovely glass top coffee table and the TV which is incorporated into the dark wood piece of furniture and which is the only item that seems to send you to a modern world. The kitchen seems to be a piece of art where the marble top tables are so eye-catching items. The bathroom is so elegant that you may have the impression that you are somewhere else except a bathroom. The spacious bedroom is a wonderful oasis of relaxation where the TV is the only item that does not match the royal design of the room.