Reclaimed Pallets Turned Into Furniture In An Albanian Company office

Using pallets to create furniture is definitely not a new concept but, each time, the result is different and unique. This company office from Albania definitely knows how to use color and wood in its favor. This is the Anima Pictures office. It was designed by Klodiana Millona, Ajmona Hoxha and Mira Idrizi.

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In this office you can see how wooden pallets can be turned into functional and good-looking furniture. It has conference tables, desks, chairs and work surfaces, all made from recycled pallets. Although temporary, the furniture is definitely fun and unusual. In order to let the furniture stand out, the designers painted the whole office white. This way they created a homogenous background for the pallet structures.

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They also used bold colors to break the monotony of the décor. The bold touches of color characterize the company logo. So by using original materials and vibrant accent shades, they created this unique office space.

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As for the layout, the office feature a more private area which is the meeting room and a workspace where teamwork and interaction and encouraged by the interior design. This is an office with lots of character and a design that captures the essence of the company. The space also has a modern feel and it looks airy although it’s relatively small.{picture sources Blerta Kambo}.