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Sit Back, Recline and Enjoy – Our Most Recommended Power Lift Chair Recliners

As years go by, we value comfort more and more. Making a wise investment from the very first days in decorating our home can be a budget-saver. A lift recliner is one of the items on the list of comfort-providing furniture.

Of course, the utility of a lift chair goes beyond comfort. For people with back problems or recovering after a medical intervention, it is a supporting component. Allowing you to keep a proper seated posture, recliners can also provide a gentle boost to help you stand up. Reducing the pressure on your back, they are priceless, especially when one’s balance or mobility get weaker.

If this is the first time you ever thought of buying a power lift recliner, take a deep breath in. We’re about to lay down the most relevant features you should look after. Our buying guide and selection of high-quality lift chair recliners are carefully researched. Sit back, relax and read, we know you’ll find the best choice for your home in our list.

How To Choose The Best Lift Chair Recliner

From head to toe, the lift recliners should keep you comfortable and be easy to use. In order to make a well-informed decision, we present to you the most important features you should look for. From purpose to size, reclining options or upholstery, keep reading to know more.

  • Functionality

This is important to determine if you need any specific features or a basic lift chair is enough for your needs. If you plan to use it only to relax, a recliner with 2 or 3 positions will do the job. If you plan to spend your recovery time in this chair, an infinite positions model is better.

  • Reclining Options

Lift chairs come in three reclining versions, with 2, 3 or infinite positions. This refers to how you can operate the chair using the remote hand control.

The two and three positions models have only one motor. That means the head and foot rest have only one control and operate together. So, if you want to recline, you need to extend the leg rest. They usually go back for about 45 degrees from the standing position. Suitable for reading or watching TV, these recliners are, however, not ideal for extended use.

Recliner models with infinite positions feature two motors. That allows you to control independently the headrest and the footrest. You can even take a nap on these chairs, as they recline as flat as a bed. Some even make it possible to have your feet lifted above your head. That can come in handy if your legs or ankle get swollen often.

  • Tapestry

Matching your comfort with your home’s style is a matter of… tapestry. Explore the options and choose what kind of touch you prefer most. Fabrics and colors come in a variety of choices. From linen to velvet or faux leather, you should consider how much you plan to use the lift chair. If you live in a hot area and intend to spend many hours in your medical lift chair, choose a breathable fabric. Also, consider getting a cover to protect the most used areas, like the armrest or seat rest.

  • Measurements

You should determine how much of the available space in your home you plan to allocate for the lift chair. You will have to consider the seat’s width, depth and the back’s height. Get a chair suitable for your height and body shape as well, for additional comfort. It is important to feel at ease when sitting or getting up from it. And, of course, you don’t want to have your feet just hanging in the air if the cushion is too high up from the floor. Ensure that the cushion width matches your hips, so you don’t end up squeezed in.

To get a clearer idea of the dimensions you need, find an old chair you feel comfortable in and take the measures. Check for the armrest size, as well as the seat back, so your head and arms fits in just right when you sit on your recliner. Also, the weight capacity should be in accordance with your body, for your own safety. If your space is rather tight, choose a wallaway recliner. These chairs actually move forward as you recline back, so they can fit pretty well close to a wall.

  • Warranty

You never know what the future brings. So having the manufacturer’s promise of quality can put your mind at ease. Especially if you plan to use the lift chair a lot, having at least one year of warranty is preferable.

  • Budget Range

More features mean added costs. That means the most budget-friendly model is a basic two-position lift chair. Infinite positions models have a heavy-duty dual motor, more expensive. According to your budget, you will also be able to decide on the upholstery and additional features. For example, leather lift chairs cost more than a linen model.

  • Extra Features

For the ultimate lift chair, consider a model that has some of these impressive features. Choose a massage version of the recliner for ultra-comfort. This is useful and beneficial for health too, as it can help improve blood circulation. Check for a USB charging port if you don’t want to get up to charge your phone while relaxing. Or maybe you want a heating option, if you live in an area where winter is rough. A side pocket for the remote is usually included.

Our Most Recommended Power Lift Chair Recliner

Okay, so now you know what makes some lift chairs better than others. How about we take a look at what the market offers. We prepared a selection of 10 functional and comfortable recliners. Check them out and see which one would suit your home best.

ProductOverall SizeWeight CapacityPosition TypeWarrantyUpholstery Fabric
Vefa Power Lift Assist Recliner40'' H x 38.8'' W x 34'' D300 lb3-Position90 daysvelvet
Enedina Power Recliner40'' H x 34.75'' W x 37.5'' D300 lbInfinite Positions60 dayspolyester blend / faux leather
Power Lift Assist Recliner43.1'' H x 29.8'' W x 33.1'' D300 lb3-Position1 yearmicrofiber/ polyester blend
Haddox Power - Push Button Lift Assist Recliner43.7'' H x 34.5'' W x 38.5'' D300 lb3-Position1 yearpolyester
Edler Power Lift Assist Recliner43'' H x 39'' W x 32.5'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 1 yearpolyester
Evins Power Lift Assist Recliner58.5'' H x 38'' W x 41.5'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 1 yearfaux leather 
Flanigan Power Lift Assist Recliner19.75'' H x 22.5'' W x 21.25'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 1 yearfaux leather 
Yeremia 19" Power Lift Assist Recliner42'' H x 31.5'' W x 37.5'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 1 yearfaux leather 
Jaliyiah Power Lift Assist Recliner57'' H x 33'' W x 67'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 5 yearsfaux leather 
Abberville Power Lift Assist Recliner40.9'' H x 33.5'' W x 37.4'' D330 lbInfinite Positions 6 monthsfaux leather 

1. Vefa Power Lift Assist Recliner

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First on our list of cozy lift chairs is the Vefa Power Lift Assist Recliner. With a strong iron structure and a smooth velvet upholstery, it will be great for your cozy spot. The lateral pocket helps you keep the remote nearby during your relax time in front of the TV. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this three-position recliner improves your leg blood circulation. Also, the neck and joints pressure find relief while you sit back on this comfy chair. Easy to clean with a wipe and dry cloth, this recliner is one of the most budget-friendly models.

2. Enedina Power Recliner

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With the Enedina Power Recliner, surgery recovery is, by far, a lot better. This infinite-position lift chair reduces the effort you do in getting up. Easing the transition from sitting to standing, this recliner really alleviates your discomfort. It has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. and comes with three color options. Choose the shade of faux leather that matches your home design best. To prolong the lifespan of the upholstery, use dry clean only.

3. Power Lift Assist Recliner

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The Power Lift Assist Recliner from Red Barrel Studio lets you relax with style. Featuring 3 reclining positions, this lift chair brings more comfort at the push of a button. Easy to clean with a towel and soap, this sturdy recliner will keep your back safe from pain. With soft to the touch tapestry, easy to adjust positions, this chair wins you over from the first moment. Get the lumbar support you deserve, at any moment and in any position. The ergonomic U-shaped cushion design reduces unnecessary hip pressure. Rely on the strong, long-lasting LVL structure to pass the test of time and keep you safe.

4. Haddox Power – Push Button Lift Assist Recliner

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With five lovely color options, the Haddox Power – Push Button Lift Assist Recliner is hard to resist. Merging practicality, style and comfort, this is more than a reclining sofa chair. It features the perfect mechanism to assist elderly people with standing. For a nap, reading time or getting up after a well-deserved relaxing time, this lift chair is ideal. To make it all even better, its arm and headrest are detachable, for easier cleaning. Sit down, recline and extend the footrest, for some quality time in a comfy position.

5. Edler Power Lift Assist Recliner

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The Edler Power Lift Assist Recliner has a design that mingles great with any interior style. Fashionable and resistant, this lift chair provides high functionality as well. With a generous padding and easy reclining, it is perfect for your TV binging or afternoon nap. If standing is a bit hard on your back, this chair also has a lift feature that can provide you extra support. Easy to clean and with infinite positions, this recliner will turn your days in the house into a cozy escape.

6. Evins Power Lift Assist Recliner

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Unlimited comfort is now within reach with the Evins Power Lift Assist Recliner. Enjoy a customized seating experience with this durable, faux-leather lift chair. Its design also adds a note of elegancy to any space, so you don’t have to compromise for comfort or practicality. Infinite positions and dual motors are the key to personalize your cozy spot. Resistant to water, scratch and fade, this chair comes with a backup battery pack as well. In case of a power failure, you will still be able to enjoy lifting assistance or full reclining. It will all be quiet, oh, so quiet, thanks to the smooth lift mechanism.

7. Flanigan Power Lift Assist Recliner

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The Flanigan Power Lift Assist Recliner is the stylish element of a pleasant surprise. Easy to use and love, this versatile lift chair will match any kind of home design. Enjoy support and stability while getting up and full comfy padding while taking a nap. It features a remote control for the infinite positions adjustment. Its lightly distressed leather cover and sturdy structure will keep you safe and cozy for years to come.\

8. Yeremia 19″ Power Lift Assist Recliner

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Add more style and comfort to your home with the Yeremia 19″ Power Lift Assist Recliner. It ensures both lifting and reclining functions. This classical design piece is the love-at-first-touch kind of furnishing. Durable, elegant, with a smooth reclining mechanism, it adjusts to any position. Use it to get the support necessary for standing or to relax while watching TV.

9. Jaliyiah Power Lift Assist Recliner

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Long-lasting quality and customizable functionality merge in the Jaliyiah Power Lift Assist Recliner.  Perfect for those who suffer from limited mobility (due to surgery or age), this recliner is a must-have. With a 5-year warranty, you know it’s built to last and offer support for quite a while. Rely on its sturdy structure to make standing up effortless in hard times. The remote allows your to transition between reclining positions with ease. Settle in for an enjoyable time in this comfortable lift chair. Keep your feet up, to improve circulation or just relax watching your favorite movie.

10. Abberville Power Lift Assist Recliner

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Durable and classy, the Abberville Power Lift Assist Recliner is quite a statement-maker. With a black faux leather cover and sturdy structure, this lift chair knows how to keep you comfy. It features infinite reclining positions and a remote control, for customizable adjustments. Use it to give you the help needed to stand up or simply as your unwinding seat.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to get comfortable? Use our list of recommended lift chairs to transform your cozy corner of the home into a real haven. Recliners are suitable for almost any age, so the investment will prove its worth as years pass. Let us know in the comments if you prefer napping or just reading in your comfy lift chair. Until our next article, recline, lay back and relax!