Network-Themed Pipe Décor For The New Hubba Space in Thailand

Every once in a while we come across a project that’s incredibly inspiring and not just from an architectural or interior design point of view. One of them was the space designed by Supermachine Studio for Hubba. It’s a 989 square meter space located in the Habbito Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Hubba represents the idea of offering a coworking space to those that want to be part of a community, to find new friends, meet entrepreneurs, startups and professionals with whom you can exchange ideas and make connections. Their slogan is “You’ll never work alone” and they love up to these expectations by providing inspiring spaces and brining people together.

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After deciding that they wanted to create such a space in Thailand, Hubba collaborated with Sansiri and went to Supermachine Studio for help with the interior design. This creative design studio was founded in 2009 and has a list of very diverse projects in their portfolio, from small scale designs to impressive shopping malls and music festival installations. They always enjoy to experiment in their projects and they believe in multidisciplinary connections which made them perfect for the Hubba project.

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Hubba Thailand was completed in 2016. The space is organized on two levels which are unified by the graphical and sculptural pipe installation which is actually the focal point of the entire zone. On these two floors the architects managed to put together a pottery studio, an open kitchen, a wood studio, a dark room for photography, a screening room for lectures, workshops and a space for seminars.

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The design is centered around the idea of collaboration, the goal being to allow Hubba to reinforce their coworking philosophy and to strengthen the connections betweens all these diverse spaces, making them part of a friendly and interactive community.

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The design concept for the space is inspired by the Hubba logo which is a network of lines that intersect in several points. These metaphorical lines are materialized here in the form of a pipe installation which unifies the two floors and connects the various spaces.

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The installation was painted turquoise, a strong and vibrant color chosen for its ability to stand out. This allows the installation to have a strong visual impact on the entire space, the emphasis always being on the brightly-colored pipes.

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Apart from being eye-catching, the installation is also beautifully incorporated in the space’s architecture and interior structure. It’s actually a multifunctional element that serves as a sculpture and a large lighting system.

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