Quick Tips For Decorating On A Budget Using Mirrors

Decorating on a budget doesn’t necessarily have to mean compromises and giving up on things you really love. It simply means you should forget about the price tag for a moment and try to make the most of what you have. You don’t need expensive items o make your home look beautiful. You just need a sense of style.

Use an oversized mirror as an accent piece.

Oversized wall mirror against bedView in gallery

An oversized mirror can really open up a room, make it look more spacious while also serving as a focal point. Hang the mirror on a wall, put it in a corner or let it casually lean against an accent wall.

Display mirrors in collections.

Bathroom display mirror collectionView in gallery

Instead of one huge mirror you can also opt for several smaller ones and display them as a collection.

Orange wall decorated with mirrorsView in gallery

Place them on the mantel, on the bathroom wall, on the hallway or on the wall in front of your desk. They’ll add dimension to the space.

An eye-catching frame.

Mirror frame decoration1View in gallery

The great thing about decorating with mirrors is that you can emphasize the frame. It can either be an ornate frame with a sophisticated design or a very simple one that stands out with its shape and minimalism. You can also paint the frame.

Turn them into focal points.

Turn mirrors into a focal pointView in gallery

There are several ways in which you can make a mirror stand out and turn it into a focal point for the room. A large, framed mirror can be the main attraction in a minimalist bedroom.

Hallway ceiling and walls mirrorView in gallery

You can also choose to display the mirrors in unusual places such as on the ceiling.

Living room wall decorated with a huge mirror collectionView in gallery

There’s always strength in numbers. So make a collection of mirrors of all shapes and sizes and cover an entire wall with them. This is a great tip particularly if you plan on decorating a small room with little natural light.