Laundry Rooms: How to Make them Stylish

The laundry room is probably the last place to which you’d think to add a bit of style but that doesn’t mean it should be cut off from the décor of the rest of your home. If your laundry room is designed well it can also become more practical. Here are some easy ways to get a trendier and more efficient laundry room.

Choose the Right Place.

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Make Good Use of the Basement

Where you have your laundry room is important because you don’t want noise coming from this room to interfere with the rest of your living space. A possible choice would be to put your laundry room in the basement. Besides for the noise factor, it’s also a good spot regarding possible humidity.

Pretty Baskets.

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Wicker Baskets add a Homely Touch

Using baskets in the laundry room comes in handy when sorting clothes or having a go-to place for dirty clothing. But you can choose baskets that are more appealing to the eye and that also make your laundry room look more homely and less industrial.

Shelve it!

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Shelves are a Storage Must

Shelves are important in your laundry room as they can serve the dual purpose of helping you organize your laundry items so that they are in easy reach, as well as providing a spot where you can add a bit of décor. Place a pretty vase of flowers for a punch of color or a few items that bring prettiness to the room on your shelves. A place that looks neat and beautiful will make you want to do laundry!

Hang ’em!

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Dry Clothes Good to Go

Remember to have a spot for hanging clothes that have just come out of the dryer. This helps to organize your clothing, making your job much easier.

Get Good Lighting.

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A Decadent Light Fixture for Style

Sufficient lighting in the laundry room is a must so you can work well. It’s also the perfect way to add a bit of style to the room. Choose a lighting fixture that is eye-catching. Even if the room is not very chic, an elegant light fixture can add a lovely contrast.

Use Wallpaper.

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Wallpaper with a design can update your laundry room from bland to brilliant in a flash. You don’t have to cover up all the walls – tackling just one can provide a bit of a creative touch to the room.